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A Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system are providing a truly fundamental benefits for all-personal and business-like communications.



Price in ICODepends on date, checkout the whitepaper or website
preICO start14 Dec 2017
preICO end25 Jan 2018
ICO start30 Jan 2018
ICO end31 Mar 2018

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ADAMANT Conception

Data Protection and Anonymity

Nowadays, data transfer protection is becoming the number one priority for the most users of personal electronic devices, as well as the corporate ones. Every day more and more events in the world are proving that fact and in meanwhile, large companies like BlackBerry, IBM, Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook are offering their own solutions for data protection purposes.

All modern encryption methods are using such strong algorithms, that the hundreds of years of work with the use of supercomputers is necessary in order to completely decrypt even a small amounts of data. They are also secured from such cyber attacks as a message interception, by using the concept of “public and private keys”, making the security of data exchange even more robust than ever.

To this day, there is probably no modern messenger that wouldn’t use the encryption. However not everyone trusts them as there is a good reason for it. And it’s not about these messengers could use an “unsafe” encryption methods, but it is mostly about their covert proprietary source code and their potential ability to intentionally give out your information to the third parties.

Another big issue lays in field of User’s Private information access. Almost all messengers do require direct access to the device’s address book, and then passes it on (all together with other sensitive private data) to their own servers. Simply justifying such questionable behaviour commonly with the increase of the ease of use, this approach creates a great threat of leakage and an unwanted data usage on all stages of interconnection.

Consider to this a most messengers’ necessity of user identification by a personal phone number, an email address, a linking the messenger’s account with accounts on social media and tracking the user’s browser activity, Corporations receive a complete
information about people — including their private photographs, outcoming messages, location details, relationships to other people, users’ preferences and other kinds of Personal Data.

Despite the obviousness that such data collection violates the human rights for their privacy, it is legally “concealed” from users by “forcing” them to accept the “User Agreement” and “Terms And Conditions” agreements to make it through to registration. And most users don’t ever read these agreements. These companies which collect the data often use it “by their own discretion” and the biggest threat lays in the fact that all this information can be easily received by the third parties

Moreover — all of these centralized message transfer services do govern their user accounts and have a full ability and rights to make certain restrictions and even block your account by their own will. As an example — there have been multiple cases of blocking Telegram users’ accounts, allegedly as a response to third party’s complaints.

A user IP-address disclosure (when connecting to the central servers, or Peer-to-peer) is yet another problem that most contemporary messenger users encounter. However there is an efficient workaround to this issue by using the Tor-network or such progressive Blockchain infrastructures like ADAMANT network.

The ADAMANT project is made to respond to this serious question of trust in private data transfer security, since it is based on a proven to be robust Blockchain conception, and as its program code is open and public. Everyone interested can make an independent audit for the code and even build a fully functional system by himself.

An another very remarkable advantage of Blockchain technology is anonymity. This means that unlike all other centralized message transfer systems it is almost impossible toassociate a message history to a specific persons — due to the absence of credentials being used by the system. Users don’t need to enter their cell phone numbers, any email or social accounts, payment details, etc.

ADAMANT has the following distinctive security and anonymity features:
● All messages are directly stored in the blockchain;
● The is no access to the user’s address book;
● The is no access to the user’s location information;
● No user identifications — a complete anonymity of use;
● All messages are fully encrypted on the sender’s device and then decrypted on the recipient side. No One (including the developers) has access to your messages — check the message transfer scheme;
● The client app does never transfer a user’s Private Key or mnemonic phrase (your password) over the network. All work is done locally on the user’s device;
● Therefore no user Private Data is being transferred;
● The message history is never stored on a device and is directly loaded from the blockchain;
● Unlike with P2P-messengers it is impossible to obtain the user’s IP-address;
● The program code for ADAMANT Messenger and blockchain are openly sourced;
● ADAMANT accounts can not be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers.


Maxim Pikhtovnikov
Lead Designer
Dmitriy Soloduhin
Lead Developer
Alexey Lebedev
Lead Developer


  • Developing ADAMANT conceptions
    Consulting with industry experts
    ADAMANT TestNet deployment

  • Progressive Web App development (ADAMANT Wallet and Messenger)
    Making the Whitepaper

  • Website development
    Starting up the ADAMANT MainNet
    Making a full node distribution package
    Creating ADAMANT Blockchain Explorer
    Setting up information resources (social networks, forums and blogs)
    Bounty Campaign launch
    Pre-ICO launch (12/14/2017)

  • Pre-ICO closure (01/14/2018)
    ICO launch (01/30/2018)
    ADAMANT Messenger promotion and adaptation fixes
    Adding new languages and translations for information resources
    Extending ADAMANT Messenger functionality (with user profiles, simpler login
    process and sending files / tokens right from the chat screen)
    ICO end up (03/30/2018)

  • Listing ADM tokens on the cryptocurrency markets
    Infrastructure whole-scaling
    Extending ADAMANT Messenger functionality (adding address book, group
    chats, search through messages, ability for chatroom closure)
    Releasing ADAMANT Messenger native application for iOS

  • Introducing ADAMANT Business Service (with blockchain storing for documents
    and their digital signing)
    Releasing ADAMANT Messenger native application for Android
    Marketing campaigns

  • Setting up ADAMANT Business Service for partner companies.
    Marketing campaigns
    Security Audit


Price in ICODepends on date, checkout the whitepaper or website
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution50% - Users involvement
○ Offline promotion campaigns and conferences participation
○ Staff salary
○ Contextual advertising
○ Advertising on crypto resources
○ Writing and publishing thematic articles and posts
30% - Development
○ Staff salary
○ Office space renting and maintaining
○ Technical equipment and its support
○ Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges (markets)
○ Consulting with industry experts
10% - Infrastructure support
○ Servers
○ Staff salary
10% - External security and code auditions (reviews)
Soft cap50,000 USD
Hard cap30,000,000 USD


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