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Blockchain rewards and loyality platform
BitRewards is a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that enables retailers to reward their customers' purchases, friends' invited and other actions with crypto-currency.



Price in ICO1 ETH = 28800 BIT
preICO start12 Jan 2018
preICO end31 Mar 2018
ICO start1 Apr 2018
ICO end30 Apr 2018

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BitRewards brings a lot of benefits to the retailers, because they get customers that are more satisfied with the rewards in crypto and become more loyal. A comprehensive loyalty program increases the retailers’ revenue by dozens of percent. The stores are also tapping into the crypto-enthusiasts audience, which is very active and appreciates the attention from the regular businesses.

The unique value proposition for the retailers is that BitRewards will offer this valuable and expensive loyalty technology free of charge. They will only have to buy in the open market the BIT tokens to reward their users. The value of such software starts from $200/month, therefore thousands of retailers will be keen to connect to the platform. We can make such a claim, because we operate in the market of rewards and loyalty software for more than 5 years, have more than five hundred clients - online stores and deeply know their needs.

BitRewards is compatible with most existing e-commerce systems (Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Ecwid, etc.). It is easy to integrate and has a simple API.


Internal BitRewards tokens are called BIT and comply with the ERC20 standard. BIT is an internal currency and is used to conduct all operations within the BitRewards ecosystem.

Customers of the online stores participating in BitRewards Network will receive BIT as a cash-back — a certain configurable amount or percent on their purchases, purchases of the friends that they referred to the store, shares and likes in social networks and other actions. The cash-back will be credited to the customer’s automatically created crypto-wallet connected to the store via BitRewards plugin.

BIT can be redeemed at the same store or with the other BitRewards participating merchants via an online crypto-wallet connected to the participating merchants. Customer crypto-wallet’s BIT balance may also be connected to the bank debit card, which the users can spend just as if they used their regular Visa or Mastercard. The customers will appreciate the opportunity, because they get a liquid crypto-currency instead of loyalty points.

The customers can also buy BIT at an exchange or via the Bancor liquidity smart contract.

The private key to a token holder’s BIT can be stored on the wallet provided by BitRewards network platform, on the standard Ethereum wallet, or on any wallet supporting the ERC20.

The value of the BitRewards token is determined at the open crypto-currency exchanges. The tokens can be exchanged to ETH, Bitcoin or fiat currencies. The token is accepted by all merchants that use the loyalty platform and other partners of BitRewards Network.

The BIT token’s exchange rate may grow because of the limited initial issuance of 2 billion tokens and the demand for tokens from the growing number of retailers joining the platform exceeding the supply from the customers who redeem the tokens for purchases or sell them at the exchange, which will create an ascending path of least resistance.


Alexander Nevidimov
CTO, Blockchain architecture, Big Data expert
Greg Mann
USA Sales and IR, Board member
Segey Alisov
Head of design
Ilya Starovoitov
Business Development
Andrey Kladov
Mobile architecture, blockchain
Dmitri Semenov
QA engineer
Daniil Bryukhin
Sales Manager
Alexander Bulekov
Business Developer
Alexey Gritsyna
Business Development, E-commerce
Nick Avramov
Head of PR
Rumen Slavchov
PR, IR, Marketing and Structuring
Ramil Zayneev
Big Data, AI engineer
Sergey Edinin
AI engineer, full-stack developer
Nail Gazizyanov
AI, machine learniing engineer
Slava Zytsar
Frontend engineer
Max Litkevich
Technical support engineer
Reuben Godfrey
Blockchain Association of Ireland Business Development, Director, Co-founder
Jason Hung
Smart Contract Advisor
Artem Chestnov
Advisor, Board member, BitRewards
Alexey Gritsyna
Business Development, E-commerce
John McNaughton
Advisor Payments processing and finance advisor
Sergey Fradkov
International scaling and business development
Roman Yankovskiy
Legal Advisor
Sergei Repko
ICO strategy, marketing, IR
Renat Razumov
Advisor blockchain, vision
Anton Pushkov
Legal Advisor
Anton Soloviev
Head of partners, InSales (A leading online stores’ builder)
Roman Gryanko
Chairman, Assist (One of the largest Ecommerce payment systems in the Eastern Europe)
Sergey Sidorov
CEO and Founder,
Ankit Talwar
Founder and CEO,
Paul Ryazanov
Founder and CEO, (Development and services for Magento online stores)
Victor Sadygov
Managing Partner Nika Estate (Elite real estate boutique)


  • Development of points based loyalty system GIFTD designed to reward shoppers.

  • Structuring the concept of using Ethereum blockchain with loyalty and rewards tools and customer development of the crypto-rewards for e-commerce industry, team hiring

  • The full-functioning rewards and loyalty platform with web app with the retailers’ and the users’ cryptowallet tied to the loyalty program of BitRewards, USA market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign.

  • Retailer Crypto-wallet and liquidity management smart contract

  • Integration of loyalty system with Lightning Network and Raiden Network (after the launch of these technologies)

  • Customer’s Mobile app with crypto-wallet

  • The Alpha-version of the AI-basedrewards recommendation and items recommendation,
    Asian market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign.

  • Mobile SDK for merchants’ apps

  • Integration of AI and machine learning into the BitRewards platform

  • Blockchain based traffic exchange between online and offline merchants


Price in ICO1 ETH = 28800 BIT
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution39% - Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships
27% - Product Development
16% - Management
12% - Operations
6% - Legal
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap15,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registration address:

International Plaza at 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903, District 02.

Information prove on official ICO’s telegram channel

No other legal entity information.

Prehistory of project

In 2013 Alexander Egorov and Alexander Nevidimov work as CEO and CTO in GIFTD project in the sphere of gift cards, bonuses and rewards in e-commerce.

Product or its MVP

Alpha-version of rewards program

Blockchain experience

CEO Alexander Egorov has experience as CEO in


CTO, Blockchain architecture, Big Data expert Alexander Nevidimov has experience as CTO in


Advisor Sergei Repko has experience as Marketing Manager in


Advisor Renat Razumov has experience as CEO in


Advisor Reuben Godfrey is a Co-founder of

Also, he is an advisor for lots of ICO: (watch whtepaper)



No escrow information.


Update 02.02.2018

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