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Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) on the Ethereum Blockchain. Blocklancer is our vision of a completely self-regulatory platform for finding jobs and getting projects done efficiently and fairly. Blocklancer is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and customers, focusing on creating a more trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on.



Price in ICOFrom 1 ETH = 15,000 LNC to 1 ETH = 12,000 LNC
ICO start16 Jan 2018
ICO end28 Feb 2018

  • TEAM

Blocklancers Tokenholder Tribunal is built on Executable Distributed Code Contracts (EDCC) offered by the Ethereum Network. The Tokenholder Tribunal is a crypto-economic framework to allow automated dispute resolution by the Tokenholders. Tokenholders are allowed to vote on disputes and get incentivized for participating in the dispute resolution process between clients and freelancers. Building such voting mechanics is not easy, because it has to be guaranteed that the votes of the participants converge to the correct solution. If there is a flaw in the voting protocol, it could lead to a situation where participants get rewarded for guessing and the solution is not useable at all. The Tokenholder Tribunal of Blocklancer is such a voting mechanism and therefore the protocol for voting has to be designed very careful. In the following sections it will be shown that the Tokenholder Tribunal converges to a correct solution. Before the analysis, a formal model that fits the actual process has to be developed. In the following, the components of the Tokenholder Tribunal will be defined and formalized and finally the Tokenholder Tribunal is modeled as a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP). This formal model can then be further analyzed. The analysis shows that the optimal strategy for the agents, participating in the Tokenholder Tribunal, is to make competent decisions. This shows that Blocklancer incentivizes Tokenholders that are actively participating in the Tokenholder Tribunal and making competent decisions the most. In the following section 2, some formal definitions will be given.


Michael Kaiser
CEO/CTO, co-founder
Christof Kurzemann
CFO, Co-founder
Sabrina Kaiser
COO, Co-founder
Kevin Kaiser
CIO, co-founder
Alexander Thellmann
Community Manager & Content Creator
Mag. (FH) Cordula Kreidl, MA
International Strategies and Marketing
Chris Abdey
Client Retention and Customer Management


  • Concept Creation

    The formalization of the initial idea

  • Smart Contracts

    The implementation of the smart contracts with Solidity

  • Demo Version

    Demo version is released and available prior to the ICO pre-sale. Contributors are able to explore the Blocklancer platform before contributing to the pre-sale

  • Pre-Sale

    Lancer Tokens are sold during the ICO pre-sale period with a bonus. The Max cap was reached in less than 3-days

  • Alpha Release

    The alpha version of Blocklancer will be released. The smart contracts will be deployed in the Ethereum Testnet. Feedback from the users will be directly used for improving the platform

  • ICO

    The public tokensale goes online

  • Beta Release

    A stable version of the platform will be released in the Ethereum Testnet

  • Blocklancer Release

    After extensive testing of the Beta version the Blocklancer platform will be finally deployed in the Ethereum Mainnet

  • Improvements of the Usability UX/UI

    The usability of the platform will be improved step-by-step. A mobile version of Blocklancer will be released for iOS and Android

  • Decentralize Everything

    Storage on the platform will be decentralized. Together, with our Ties.Network partners, we will work on solving this problem. Moreover, we will work on solutions to decentralize the communication between freelancers and clients (Whisper protocol)

  • Marketing - Extending Userbase

    We will begin a big marketing effort to bring freelancers and clients onto the platform

  • Further Improvements / Stability & Support

    The Blocklancer platform and mobile apps will be further improved upon


Price in ICOFrom 1 ETH = 15,000 LNC to 1 ETH = 12,000 LNC
Investment Info
AcceptingUSD, ETH
Tokens Distribution40%: Marketing
35%: Platform improvement
10%: Reserve
10%: Administrative purposes
3%: IT infrastructure
2%: Software licenses
Soft cap1,000 ETH
Hard cap6,000 ETH


Legal entity

Registered Address: Innsbruck, Austria

Prehistory of project

Concept Creation, the formalization of the initial idea – Q1/Q2 2017. Pre-sale was at Sep 2017.

There is no prehistory of Blocklancer project, ICO was planned to complete this idea.

Product or its MVP

There are presented website, can be accessed for register

Blocklancer user guide for site use is published

Blockchain experience

Michael Kaiser – Advisor at (proved in telegram chat)


Partnership with Starbase

Partnership with Ties.Network

Partnership with Hoqu


No escrow information


Update: 15.01.2018

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