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Hotel casino with crypto-economics
CHER is a green project that is economically viable while creating an eco-city with zero carbon environments. A high return investment that helps an emerging nation in job creation, tourist attraction, technology and high growth in GDP. An Eco-city built to living within the environment, utilizing nearby materials, and neighbourhood vitality, (including air and water streams, daylight, wind and rain) to optimum advantage.



Price in ICO1 ETH = 1000 CHE
preICO start15 Jan 2018
preICO end2 Feb 2018
ICO start1 Apr 2018
ICO end1 May 2018

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The true Eco city is economically sustainable, pleasing to the eye, prosperous for the owners, vibrant, environmentally healthy with zero carbon emission. It draws top quality tourists and investments. It is a healthy place, a Smart place. It is an appreciation of nature. The true Eco city is where technology thrives, creativity is showcased. It is for leisure, for enjoyment, for sports and most important of all, for business and for wealth creation.

The true Eco city is a chain of Eco cities emerging from developing counties to help these cities draw investments, attract tourists, increase jobs and expand GDP. The true Eco city instils a sense of pride with the people.

Cher Eco-City plan will implement in a naturally abundant and Beautiful place between Nepal and china, a city with complete utilization of solar, wind and renewable waste to generate energy. However, every settlement should take advantage of conserving technologies and approaches. It is too easy to compartmentalize climate change, to see it happening as elsewhere. That is, until
your city feels the impact. The truth is we are all living in ecosystems of resource limitations , at eco city we will implement optimum utilization of the renewable sources of energy a initiative to heal wounds of Mother Earth.

Cher team brings the first true Eco city – Eco city Racecourse Hotel Casino (CHER). CHER is

  • Eco environment - Zero carbon emission - only EV cars allowed
  • Smart city – Saves energy
  • Media and Security
  • Drone technology
  • Racecourse – International standard
  • Casino - 1000 tables 2500 slot machines
  • Shopping mall - 500,000 sq. ft.
  • Conference/Events Hall - 300,000 sq. ft.
  • Mahjong tournament
  • Poker tournament
  • Formula E
  • E Karting
  • Stem cell anti-aging centre
  • Spa and health centre
  • 700 room luxury premier hotel
  • 400 room located at the perfume garden
  • Polo
  • Equestrian
  • 18 hole golf
  • Equine Assisted Therapy

CHER is a consortium of entrepreneurs, architects, accountants, engineers, marketers, techies that get together to make True Eco city possible. They are Group of professionals dedicated in building the best Eco city in the world, which can be a proud Example of excellence created by every contributor of our team. While engineers are mindful for the plan of structures as well as for their monetary execution to the degree that their outlines meet the requests of the commercial and residential centre, the building designers procure most by far of the prizes.

Engineers conceive the tasks, select their areas, gain the land, decide the objective market, acquire the financing, and regulate the outline and development. Since they do not go out on a limb that the engineers do, drafters seldom catch a critical value of the esteem made by their outlines. Every part of our team is equally important for us and they are serving their contribution in making the best Eco-city with a string of amenities to the tourist to make their stay the most memorable in life.


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Price in ICO1 ETH = 1000 CHE
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC
Tokens Distribution53% - ICO
33% - Team
10% - pre-ICO
3% - Referral, Bounty
Hard cap300,000,000 CHE


Legal entity


Registered Address: Singapore

Prehistory of project

The base company PPFG has a lot of eco projects developed:

  • Zero Emission Vehicles
  • Trishuli Gauchi Project
  • Solar Power Plants

Cher is another PPFG ecologic project based on cryptocurrency funding

Product or its MVP

Due to specific of the project, no MVP can be provided. Planning and construction will be done after token sale

Blockchain experience

Sachin Bhrgava – Project manager at Cajutel

No other blockchain experience were found


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Update: 31.01.2018


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