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Decentralized exchange platform
Deex provides individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Initially more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other altcoins.



Price in ICO1 DEEX = 0.20 USD
preICO start26 Oct 2017
preICO end24 Nov 2017
ICO start10 Jan 2018
ICO end28 Feb 2018

  • TEAM

The BitShares 2.0 platform allows to implement the following main functional of the DEEX Exchange:

  • Creation of a secure cryptowallet which allows to transfer funds with a minimum commission for all counterparties;
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Create your own crypto assets and trade them;
  • Make investments by buying tokens from prospective companies and participating in the distribution of expected profit;
  • Create an ICO mechanism (primary coin/token placement);
  • Ensure the highest security and reliability of all transactions in the blockchain network through the DPOS algorithm;
  • Create accounts with escrow;
  • Use special gateways (Gates) as mechanisms for transferring funds between different trading platforms and payment systems for fiat funds input/output.

The first stage of business development will connected with the creation of reliable, convenient and multifunctional decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange based on the BitShares 2.0 platform with the integration of full functionality of the best DEXexchanges. In the beginning of the ICO the DEEX' MVP is already being tested (the MVP presentation was in Skolkovo in December 2017) and small trades are being held allready.

Our goal is to make the Exchange’s functional comfortable for solving trader’s current tasks at the first stage and at subsequent stages to implement the following functional:

  • A platform for safe ICO conduct in conjunction with the decentralized escrow toolkit from DEEX will be used as a platform for prospective project’s ICO, our specialists will carry out full project analysis, help them to receive funding from a permanent pool of private investors and further conduct pre-sale and large-scale ICO. DEEX tokens investors will receive a share of revenues from all ICOs;
  • A platform for creating a decentralized transparent blockchain system for cryptofund managed by DEEX professional traders and issuing an appropriate stock token with automatic placement on both all DEX-Exchanges and leading centralized cryptocurrency Exchanges;
  • Cryptocurrency debit cards linked to users' wallets on DEEX and integration into fiat gateways, allowing to convert cryptocurrency into fiat when paid by card in outlets;
  • API for the integration of third-party applications and services with the DEEX platform;
  • Creation of the own agent network of crypto ATMs for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency for fiat money with the ability to work with bank cards.

The DEEX exchange will meet the increased demands of professional market players and be friendly to newbies. We want to make a competitive and profitable trading platform, a point for the development of crypto funds for trust assets management and an automated platform for ICO.

Existing decentralized crypto-exchange exchanges are a "toy for cryptogeeks", but not for non-professional traders or investors. Interfaces of such exchanges are inconvenient, unusual and unsuitable for traders who are used to trading on centralized exchanges. In addition, the DEX-exchanges have very low liquidity, which leads to slow execution of trade orders and as a result - to losses of traders.

Proceeding from the above, the key advantages of DEEX will be the following:

  • convenient GUI, compatible with most modern browsers;
  • desktop application for trading;
  • mobile apps for Android and IOs;
  • detailed and constantly updated documentation;
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • a large number of trading pairs;
  • the ability to recover lost passwords;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • low commission fees;
  • a high rate for the referral program;
  • a wide range of trade indicators;
  • trading robots;
  • merchant;
  • debit crypto cards;
  • a network of crypto ATMs;
  • high liquidity;
  • own hardware crypto wallet for cold storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

In the future we are planing to introduce the following financial instruments:

  • DEEX.CORE is a basic token which gives an opportunity to receive income from the exchange's participants activities through direct or indirect participation in the work of the exchange and projects implemented on it. Other words it is a mutually beneficial and low-risk investment in your own exchange.
  • DEEX.ICO is an ICO token which allows to receive income from the ICO without having to examine the details of each individual innovation project. By purchasing this token, you can receive revenue from all conducted with DEEX ICOs; ICO is planned to be based on the solution of the decentralized escrow DESCROW.ORG
  • DEEX.FUND is a cryptocurrency blockchain fund which allows to invest in different types of funds within the DEEX, depending on the level of the investor's attitude to risk. Managed by our fund traders with an extensive trading experience since 2004.


  • Presale launch

  • MVP launch and DEEX testing on the BitShares base engine

  • Basic engine customization, introdusing the possibility of password recovery and two-factor authentification; Legal entity registration for DEEX in Singapore

  • The main ecosystem token DEEX.CORE ICO launch; Secure VIPPLE messenger ICO launch, the first project in our ecosystem

  • DEEX.FUND crypto blockchain system launch & the first tranche of the ICO fund; Mobile DEEX exchange application launch

  • Branded cryptocurrency ATMs instalation launch in Spain, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Malta

  • The engine of the DEEX will move into Graphene based blockchain system

  • The DEEX becomes fully functional decentralized ecosystem including DEX cryptoexchange, secure messanger, ICO platform with decentralized escrow, merchant, cryptocards and crypto ATMs


PlatformBitshares 2.0
Price in ICO1 DEEX = 0.20 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETC, DASH, BitShares
Tokens Distribution75% - pre-ICO and ICO
15% - Devolepers Team
7% - Advisors
3% - Bounty & PR
Hard cap100,000,000 DEEX


Legal entity

Registered Address: Tallinn, Estonia

Prehistory of project

Accordng to roadmap, 26 October 2017 is a Presale launch date. No prehistory of project found before.

Product or its MVP

“DEEX.FUND crypto blockchain system launch & the first tranche of the ICO fund; Mobile DEEX exchange application launch”.
No mobile app was found at the moment.


There is beta platform, free registration is available

Blockchain experience

Vladislav Sapozhnikov – Founder of Predprocessing Ltd
Representative of (no direct proof links found)
Advisor at


Advisor Andrey Voronkov – was a Co-founder of


Advisor Md.Mofassair Hossain – CEO at
Advisor at


Advisor Sergey Besedin – CEO of
Founder of
Founder of


Advisor Ekaterina Tarasova – PR Director at
News editor at
PR Director at


Advisor Tatyana Maximenko – Promoter at
Editor-in-Chief at
Co-founder of


Descrow have not implemented their platform, it is planned to be done after their ICO end

Also, whitepaper describes only in-platform escrow, not ICO escrow but external companies


Update: 22.01.2018

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