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The Eroiy is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency particularly designed as an incognito payment means in the adult entertainment industry. The beauty of it is that it allows for anonymous transactions and an independence from financial middlemen and their associated fees. This is a revolutionary development and is the key to an approximately USD 100 billion market worldwide.



Price in ICO1 Eroyi = 0.12 USD
preICO start31 Jan 2018
preICO end28 Feb 2018
ICO start1 Mar 2018
ICO end31 Mar 2018

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The Eroiy is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency particularly designed as an incognito payment means in the adult entertainment industry. The beauty of it is that it allows for anonymous transactions and an independence from financial middlemen and their associated fees. This is a revolutionary development and is the key to an approximately USD 100 billion market worldwide (NBC News, 2017).

Both customers and merchants of the adult entertainment industry have a strong demand for discreetness when paying for online content, including video content, e-commerce related to goods, gadgets and tools, live streams and chats. The Eroiy and Eroiy Ecosystem will meet these expectations.

The online escort market is another form of paid adult content. Its turnover is done over the internet, which is a target market of the Eroiy. Typically, consumers in this market want anonymity, too. While this cannot be guaranteed by conventional payment systems, it is provided by the Eroiy and the Eroiy Ecosystem.

The Eroiy and the Eroiy Ecosystem meet consumers’ needs: data protection, anonymity, protection from financial fraud, low transaction costs and payment convenience (e.g. one-click payments). All the usual payment methods, such as credit cards and phone transactions, leave a trail that can be traced back the purchaser. The possibility of identification creates pervasive anxiety among customers and acts as an enormous obstacle to growth in the category. Nobody wants the purchase to create an embarrassing personal or business situation, and many people are deterred by the security risks involved in providing their credit card information to online sites. Consumers understandably do not want their financial details to be available online, not only on adult entertainment websites, but also on websites in general.

The Eroiy also appeals to merchant and service providers of the adult entertainment industry and other target industries. The Eroiy provides for low transaction costs, a limitation on the potential charge-backs, protection from data piracy and financial fraud, and independence from credit card companies. Merchants are also concerned about the technical integration that is needed across hardware and software platforms, as well as the lack of interface between diverse processing systems leading to delays and liquidity issues. Multiple payment modes like mobile payments, e-wallets, credit/debit cards, as well as cross-border transactions require merchants to develop an intricate infrastructure to ensure streamline transactions. Merchants have a strong need for being increasingly independent from central payment means, for which cryptocurrencies are the perfect solution. The Eroiy and the Eroiy Ecosystem can successfully address all the above concerns – as it does not allow charge-backs, is completely safe from data piracy and financial fraud, and gives absolute privacy to customers.

The Eroiy Ecosystem comprises of the Eroiy, the Eroiy eWallet, the Eroiy Exchange (allowing an immediate exchange of fiat and all relevant cryptocurrencies, as well as of air miles and other bonuses and good points into the Eroiy) and an Eroiy Crypto Debit Card (facilitating immediate payments).

The Eroiy eWallet is a game changer, since it is the first solution for convenient, anonymous and cost-efficient payment means for online content and merchandise. No other coin, nor any other wallet is offering these advantages to date. The Eroiy is based on the NEM blockchain protocol. Therefore, it is safe, cost-efficient and fast, and allows the use of smart contracts.

Most importantly, the Eroiy Corporation has already built up a chain of adult entertainment companies which want to accept the Eroiy as payment means. It has tied up with several partners that have an enormous network within the industry and in affiliating sectors, for example EUROWEBTAINMENT, which maintains one of the most influential networks and fairs in the worldwide adult industry. EUROWEBTAINMENT has been in existence for 15 years and is one of the leading institutions having direct access to the major adult online business owners worldwide. Because of its strong footprint in the industry, it can be expected that the Eroiy will be widely used in and accepted by the targeted industry.


Markus Steffen
CEO of Eroiy
Tanja Rahman
Vice President of Sales
Martina Pracht
Vice President of International Sales
Walter Hasenclever
PR Director
Luca Kögel
Head of Design
Julius Traupe
Head of Management IT
Mohamad Omeirat
Blockchain Developer
CPI Technologies
Blockchain infrastructure
Michael Mätzler
Online Marketing
Oliver Loy
Online Business
Thomas Wagner
Online Marketing
Walter Oligschläger
Project Management & E-commerce
Alex Gheorghe
Founder and CEO of AWSummit
Lebin Bai
Risk Management
Raymund Scheffler
Financial Consultant
Harald Plewka
Legal Advisor
Lorenz Sondergeld
Legal Advisor
Md. Yousuf Ali
Legal Advisor
Jim Austin
Industry Expert
Andy Wullmer
Online Expert
Jay Kopita
Marketing, Online Sales and PR Expert
Colin Rowntree
CEO of Wasteland
Curt Frieden
Technology Expert
Reto Koch
Monetization Expert
Christian Bayer
Traffic and SEO specialist
Julius Kedvessy
Media Professional
Anthony Rivera
CO-Founder of AJ Studios


  • Formation of Eroiy Foundation, Development of Eroiy and all related elements of the Eroiy Ecosystem

  • Negotiations and agreements with further application partners

  • Listing of Eroiy on 10 substantial exchanges, Acceptance and implementation of Eroiy of min 10 large corporations

  • Launch of Eroiy APP, Launch of Eroiy Debit Card

  • Listing of Eroiy on min 10 further exchanges, Market share of 2% Market cap: 150 MM USD

  • Market penetration at 10%, Market capitalization: 500 MM USD


Price in ICO1 Eroyi = 0.12 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, Dash, LTC, XEM and FIAT
Tokens Distribution60% - Crowdsale
20% - Reserve for management for incentives, campaigns, etc.
5% - Reward for fans, Club Members and teams
5% - Lawyers, advisors and competence partners
5% - Strategic partners
5% - Referrals
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap48,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Legal entity was not foud at Panama and Worldwide legal entity websites

Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, Eroiy Foundation was created in January 2018

No prehistory of project were found at the moment

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, Launch of Eroiy APP and Debit Card are planned for the October 2018

No MVP information were found at the moment

Blockchain experience

Due to large team for this project, no real blockchain experience were found


No escrow information were found


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Update: 03.02.2018

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