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The Fabric Token Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency platform and marketplace
The Fabric Token ecosystem will empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts thus allowing virtually anyone to participate, in one way or another, in building a decentralized and trustworthy world.



Price in ICO1 FT = 0.1125 USD
ICO start15 Feb 2018
ICO end1 Apr 2018

  • TEAM

The Fabric Token ecosystem aims to help people and businesses in adopting blockchain technology and its underlying smart contracts by providing a bridge between simple user interfaces and computer-understandable language. For individuals, we have developed TokenGen (soon to be released), which is a web application allowing anyone to easily generate smart contracts for their token and fundraiser. Users will go through a simple step-by-step process, selecting the functionality they need for their token and crowdsale, providing necessary info such as token name, symbol, etc, and then paying a small fee in Fabric Tokens before ultimately getting their smart contract code.

One of the fundamental parts of the FT ecosystem will be the Fabric Token itself. It will be used as a utility to pay for products and services within the platform. For example, if someone wants to generate token and fundraiser smart contracts for their project, they will have to, in the end, pay a small fee in Fabric Tokens in order to get access to their code.

Additionally, the Fabric Token is going to be used as a digital asset which will be exchanged between third-party developers and users on the Fabric Store. The main idea behind Fabric Token is that, unlike the more popular cryptocurrencies, its value will depend solely on the FT ecosystem’s performance and growth, rather than on other external factors.

The Fabric Store will allow third-party developers to earn tokens and build their reputation by complementing TokenGen and DApp Workbench with their custom-built software components. Strictly digital in nature, it will provide a lucrative opportunity for talented programmers, while helping the FT ecosystem expand and provide even more possibilities for businesses and individuals.

The marketplace will embrace the decentralized and immutable nature of the blockchain by storing its data on it, guaranteeing fair product reviews that cannot be tampered with, and protecting sellers from chargeback fraud, a common issue in traditional online stores.


Nikolay Nikov
Vision, Strategy, Back-End Development, CEO
Marin Ivanov
Software & Smart Contract Development, DevOps, CTO
Doncho Karaivanov
Marketing, Content, Design, Front-End & Smart Contract Development, COO
Dimitar Boyanov
Business & Legal Framework
Krastyu Georgiev
Technical Consultant
Marian Nedelchev
Business Landscape Analysis & BPM Consulting
Milen Ivanov
Market Research & Project Economics
Petya Valkova
Project Management Consultant
Simeon Karaivanov
Content Editor


  • Started Development on TokenGen

    Currently the UI and beta functionality, featuring a total of 6 smart contract templates extending the basic token and fundraiser functionality, are both fully operational. The tool will be available to users as soon as the Fabric Token launch is finalized.

  • Started Development on DApp Workbench

    Extensively tested and ultimately determined the software architecture, technology stack, supported blockchains, and modeling notation for the BPM.

  • TokenGen 1.0

    Includes fully functioning web application for token and fundraiser smart contracts generation.

  • TokenGen 2.0

    Additional smart contract templates added for both token and fundraiser functionality.

  • DApp Workbench Public Beta

    Includes the fully functioning DApp Workbench desktop application as well as cloud with a limited set of smart contract components, which will be determined and publicized prior to the beta launch.

  • DApp Workbench 1.0

    Extends the beta version of the software by significantly expanding the smart contract components provided by DApp Workbench.

  • Fabric Store Development Start

    Initial code for the smart contracts of the project is written, optimized, tested, audited, and then deployed. Next, a UI to work with the smart contracts is developed.

  • Fabric Store Public Beta

    Partly functional UI connected to the smart contracts of the Fabric Store is open to the public for testing purposes.

  • Fabric Store 1.0

    The first fully operational decentralized marketplace for smart contract components is officially released thus allowing third-party developers to further improve the performance of our vanilla projects and expand the adoption of the Fabric Token ecosystem.

  • Further Improving The Fabric Token Ecosystem

    Further improvements to the Fabric Token ecosystem mainly focused on expanding the functionality scope covered by the smart contract components making the products accessible to an ever-growing group of users and businesses.


Price in ICO1 FT = 0.1125 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution- 71.25% - ICO
- 12% - Team
- 8.75% - Strategic advisors
- 7% - Advisors
- 1% - Bounty program
Hard cap8,526 ETH


Legal entity

Registered address: Estonia, Tallinn


Prehistory of project

September 2017 – Started Development on TokenGen web application.

October 2017 – Started Development on DApp Workbench – the business application platform


No prehistory found.

Product or its MVP

Soon to be released:

No real MVP were found.

Blockchain experience

Nikolay Nikov – Senior Software Developer at Luxoft

No other experience in blockchain were found at team and advisors.


No escrow information found.


Update: 30.01.2018

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