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Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform
HashGains offers ICO in order to establish green data centres in Rajasthan (India) and Quebec (Canada). As India and Canada are hub of solar and wind energy, HashGains is going to make use of these renewable energy resources to create a eco-friendly mining environment. HashGains is backed by a renowned name in running and managing data centres with over 15 years of experience.



Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 HGS = 1 USD; ICO: 1 HGS = 0.8-1.0 USD
preICO start26 Jan 2018
preICO end28 Feb 2018
ICO start1 Mar 2018
ICO end30 Apr 2018

  • TEAM

With the advent of emerging technology ‘blockchain’ whole world is becoming decentralized. There is need for consensus to be created which is not only secure but can be trusted through peer to peer network. Something which can be trusted and something where no one can fiddle around. Blockchain is popularly described as "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. In order to use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks, which requires collusion of the network majority. The process of adding transaction to this distributed ledger of blocks where each block typically contains a hash pointer as a link to previous block is called as mining. Mining is an integral part of this decentralized peer to peer network.

Realizing the potential of blockchain and need of data centres an internet major in India and US, Futuristic Internet Services LLC having expertise of over 15 years in running and managing data centres across the globe having customer base of 50,000+ loyal customers including 10 of 500 Fortune 500 companies in its list of customers decided to get into this with its venture called HashGains.com. HashGains has already garnered 10,000 plus customers on its platform where customers can buy hashing power to gain the pie of very popular crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc.

We estimate that crypto currencies have a very good future going forward and its total market capitalization which stands at around $600 Billion Dollar is all set to grow and become multi trillion dollars in coming 2-3 years and continue to witness ever impressive growth. Estimates suggest that over 100 million people across the globe would soon start transacting in crypto currencies which would led to spurt in need for miners across the globe. All this would demand need for building mega data centres which not only works on renewable energy as growing fossil fuel need in managing mining operations have emerged to be a major concern area but would also address need of cost effective power for cloud mining data centres.

HashGains which is already serving 10,000 customers on its platform would like to reach 1 million customer mark by end of 2019 which would help HashGains emerge among top mining companies in world. In order to serve such massive base of customers HashGains would be required to build mega cloud mining data centres using its years of expertise and help customer earn precious crypto currencies. Proceeds from ICO would be deployed to build Data Center in Rajasthan India and Quebec Canada.


Anuj Bairathi
Co-Founder and CEO
Gary Barlow
Director, Green Data Management Services, UK & Europe
Ravish Sharma
Chief Operating Officer
Ravi Sharma
Head, Sales & Marketing
Rahul Baweja
Chief Information Officer
Munish Mahajan
Head – Facilities, Administration & HR


  • Commissioning work of Data Center

  • Cloud Mining Data Center to live

  • HashGains.com go live

  • Capacity of 1.5 PH/s on SHA-256 and 2 TH/s on X11

  • Acquires 1,000 customers

  • Capacity enchanced to 2.5 PH/s on SHA-256, 3 TH/s on X11, 2.5 GHS/s on ETHASH

  • Reached 5,000 Customers mark

  • Reached 10,000 Customers mark

  • pre-ICO

  • ICO

  • New Green Data Center work starts

  • Procurement of ASIC and GPU Miners to enchance capacities

  • Assembling and Integration of machinery

  • Commissioning and Testing of Green Cloud Data Center

  • Cloud Mining Data Center goes live


Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 HGS = 1 USD; ICO: 1 HGS = 0.8-1.0 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Tokens Distribution50% - ICO
20% - pre-ICO
10% - Reserved for HashGains Team
8% - Reserved for Partners
5% - Partners
2.5% - Referrals
2% - Bounty
1.5% - Ecosystem
1% - Free reserve
Hard cap20,000,000 HGS


Legal entity

HashGains ICO is created by HashGains mining company which is inside Cyfuture India Pvt. Ltd.

Cyfuture Registered Address: Jaipur, India


And Director of Cyfuture is Anuj Bairathi, Co-founder and CEO of HashGains ICO

Prehistory of project

There is working cloud mining platform https://www.hashgains.com/

ICO was created to develop power supply for Data Center

Product or its MVP

Green Data Centers are planned to be created so before ICO they have no MVP, only existing Data Center https://www.hashgains.com/data-center


Blockchain experience

All HashGains team members are members of https://www.hashgains.com/about-us. As said before, it is a crypto mining company.


Advisor Filip Poutintsev – Senior ICO Advisor at http://www.ico-services.net/

Advisor John Biggs – Advisor at https://happyfuncorp.com/our_team

Advisor Scott Douglas – Founder and CEO of https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io/team/


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Update: 20.01.2018

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