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Shopping assistant app
Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem is based on the Imigize Service. They learned how to do a contactless clothes and shoes fitting for online shopping. Now, any Internet user, using Imigize service, will be able to buy shoes (clothes, soon) in the online store and be confident that the purchase will be in fitting size as if they were trying it on and bought it in a regular store. Imigize Service is perfect for shopping online.



Price in ICO1 IMGZ=0.00017642 ETH
CountryHong Kong SAR China
preICO start15 Jan 2018
preICO end5 Mar 2018
ICO start20 Apr 2018
ICO end8 Jun 2018

  • TEAM

Imigize Service Blockchain (ISB) ecosystem aims to unite all players from the sphere of production and online retailing of clothing and footwear. It is built on a new level of trust to the technology of contactless fitting that provides convenience, reliability and low cost of shopping shoes online. Uploading the most valuable database on the world's online market of clothing and shoes in blockchain, Imigize service can become a system-forming factor for building a new ecosystem - the Imigize Service Blockchain.

Imigize service, creating an information chain from buyers to sellers, then to producers of clothing, implies a connection to this system other market players such as financial institutions interested in investing in efficient production, rating agencies, evaluating manufacturers according to the criteria of clothes and shoes comfort, internet search services, as well as all other interested market participants, up to state regulators.

Imigize Service Blockchain creates a transparent, protected against manipulation, without restriction and bias in the data system, which will give all the ecosystem participants the opportunity to acquire and utilize vital information in automatic mode.

First of all, this is anthropometric data of customers, three-dimensional parameters of the internal volume of clothes and shoes, a fitting degree of clothes and footwear, level of comfort for buyers, and so on. All are of value to participants of the online market in terms of understanding the factors and primary reasons for its further development. And the blockchain technology of the distributed database will dramatically increase the efficiency and confidentiality in the management of these data.


Imigize Service Blockchain Platform

The decentralized partner platform Imigize Service Blockchain is a software product that regulates all relationships between ecosystem participants. It acts as a structure that unites all players from the sphere of production, supplies and online trade in clothing and footwear. The platform makes distributed data processing for placing and management of the data within the ecosystem. Each of the players on the basis of this data chooses a specific strategy for their market behavior.

Imigize Blockchain Service platform fulfills the following functions:

  • Generates customers’ digital data (3D data), shoes and clothes (3D data), fitting and comfort.
  • Stores the data.
  • Integrates feedback from users and web stores.
  • Builds specific algorithms and formulas to build ratings on a variety of parameters
  • Performs verification of participants.
  • Provides a protocol and channels of information exchange.
  • Adjusts through smart contracts (SC) costs of collecting information and its provision.

Before starting work on the platform, the participant must register and pass verification. Simultaneously, Imigize creates a Ethereum wallet (or another more suitable blockchain account) to the user, giving the user an address and a private key to the wallet. The participant, on the basis of verification, assigned the role in the ecosystem, depending on which, he is given access to the corresponding personal account.

To work with the platform for each of the participants will be developed decentralized webblocks, which will have a public API for obtaining information about the participant. Data from the blockchain will be collected in real time, processed and stored in the information repository, and Imigize Service Blockchain will act as guarantor. For each data generation and provision service, a settlement in the IMGZ tokens will be made. The price of each information service of Imigize will be determined by a combination of factors related to market demand and supply.

The platform will use the auction model, which provides for the participants in the ecosystem to negotiate directly on the provision of services. All interactions between ecosystem participants will occur through the use of Ethereum blockchain solutions. The basic functionality of the platform is implemented with the help of smart contracts, the source code of which is available on


Valery G.Chernik
CEO, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Mike Tchernik
Director, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Sergey Gavrilyuk
Chief Operating Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Dmitriy Borodin
Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Oleg Lebedev
Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Alexander Kosov
CTO Imigize Group, Head of the WEB Programming Department
Arseny Lunyov
CTO Imigize Group, Head of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and R&D
Andrey Lavrinovich
International Legal Counsel, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Nikolay Nazvin
Financier, Founder
Elena Novikova
Founder, Business advisor in the global footwear business.


  • Ready: Industrial Measuring Center in St. Petersburg, integration with clients in CIS/Russia: RunLab, Wildberries, Sportmaster.

  • Launch of Industrial Measuring Center in China, integration with fist internet shop in USA

  • Launch of 3 extra Industrial Measuring Centers in China, Vietnam, Thailand, integration with internet shops in Europe, China, Japan

  • 10 Industrial Measuring Centers in China, integration with internet shops worldwide


Price in ICO1 IMGZ=0.00017642 ETH
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, USD
Tokens Distribution77% - Crowdsale
12% - Team
9% - Referrals, Advisors, Marketing, Token reserve
2% - Bounty
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap60,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Imigize Foundation Limited, Registered Address: Hong Kong

Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, activities of company started in 2017, no other prehistory found

Product or its MVP

Imigize have their website and iOs application but its developer is INSTITUTO DE BIOMECÁNICA DE VALENCIA, partner of core russian team.

New Android app is ready to use

Blockchain experience

Team is planning to contract with William Wong, Avishai Ziv, Robert Hiley and David Drake at February 2018 (proved in telegram)

To be updated


No escrow is provided for this ICO (proved in telegram)


A lot of important information will be provided by Imigize in February


Update: 27.01.2018

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