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ImmVRse is a decentralised digital VR content sharing platform that will allow content creators, brand and advertisers alike, to inspire, share and collaborate to produce some of the best VR content available online. ImmVRse will be a community for content creators to show their flair and creativity to the world and in return be rewarded with jobs and contracts.



Price in ICO1 IMV = 0.20 USD
CountryUnited Kingdom
preICO startTBD
preICO endTBD
ICO startTBD

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ImmVRse will be the first decentralized and distributed digital video platform that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to collaborate and produce the best of what Virtual Reality has to offer. The platform will employ its own unique digital currency aptly known as ImmVRse token, which will be form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem. Using cryptographic signatures, the application will be able to mirror file locations and record transactions across multiple nodes to ensure data and transactional records within the blockchain cannot be altered retroactively. ImmVRse will focus primarily on VR/AR/Mixed reality and is easily scalable to embrace other forms of media production such as, 3D animation. Currently, there is no other platform providing the ability to showcase VR content and allowing direct employment as a result.

ImmVRse will be powered by a web infrastructure built on the foundation of blockchain called Ethereum. This is a platform that allows smart contracts to be distributed as well as decentralised applications to be developed and run without the influence of a central arbitrator, downtime, fraud or any external interference.

CREATIVITY – ImmVRse will not only provide a common platform for general viewers, advertisers and businesses, but also a community where members can interact, help and inspire each other to create some of the best VR content available online. By using the power of a decentralised network, we will create an efficient and self-sustaining ecosystem for our members.

CONTROL – Control and the power of sharing will be shifted towards the community to remove centralised decision making and removing third party or middlemen from the workflow. ImmVRse ill not act as a mediator or intermediary. Every job will use the functions of smart contracts, the parameters of which will be set by the users on both sides, e.g. brands and the content creators. The
contract will be deployed on the blockchain and payments will be processed based on set deadlines agreed between parties. The system of contracting will therefore function similar to a peer-to-peer hiring system.

PAYMENT – Payment is one of the biggest problems that blockchain will solve via this application. Firstly, there are no high transaction fees, requirement for bank accounts or any other restrictions for users. Using ImmVRse tokens, it will take seconds to send and receive payments anywhere around the world without paying a high processing fee to a bank or a third party money transfer. This will open opportunities to millions of content creators in many countries where the citizens prefer using cryptocurrencies due to geographical and administrative restrictions imposed by their country’s legislative authority. Additionally, the users will be moderated using a sophisticated autonomous ID verification system. Once the users are verified, the payments will be made using ImmVRse tokens.

REVENUE – ImmVRse will allow creators to attract lucrative contracts from employers, as well as creating customised content for companies and high profile global brands. Besides, the system has been designed to not only reward creators, but also the VR content viewers who will be incentivised using tokens for interacting with the application. Additionally, high-value creators will pay a monthly fee to the platform for maintaining their premium status. By creating a balanced ecosystem, the platform will aim to become one of the largest video sharing platform, thus attracting hundreds of companies around the world. The combination of all the above will contribute to ensuring the rapid growth of users and content. This in turn will attract advertisers to invest into the platform to the benefit of all within the ecosystem.

ImmVRse features are:

  • Decentralised Data Storage
  • Peer to peer job creation via Smart Contracts
  • Payment Automation via Ethereum Blockchain
  • User Retention Engine to Balance Hyper Volatility
  • Utilitarian Value of the Token
  • Cryptographic ID and License Storage


Farabi Shayor
Co-Founder & CEO
Limon Rahman
Co-Founder & COO
Adrian Chan
Head of Marketing
Mark Higgins
Chief Information Officer
Peter Gostincar
Chief Technical Officer
Robin Ware
Chief Solutions Architect
Jason Taylor
Head of Business Strategy and Development
Caroline Tibbitts
Project Manager
Samira Cheurfi
Android Developer
Tony Freeman
Head of Business Intelligence
Shahad Choudhury
Advisor, Blockchain Development
Hugh Tonks
Technical Advisor
Katrina Sale
PR and Branding Advisor


  • Under Development: ImmVRse DApp MVP is currently under development.
    ImmVRse Protocol’s development is also under way and is projected to be complete by Q4 2018. In the meantime, ImmVRse plans to use to record ledgers and monitor the health of our blockchain platform.
    Launch of Marketing Campaign: Our marketing campaign for token launch will be launched on the first week of 2018. We will reach out to potential investors via multiple promotional channels along with Google AdWords. Part of our marketing campaign will be to sign up users for the alpha version of our application.

  • Pre ICO: A private Pre-ICO will be conducted in April 2018 with investors who are willing to contribute over 1 Ether. Pre-ICO allocation will be 10% of the tokens to be distributed.
    ICO Launch: ICO launch dates are yet to be announced. ImmVRse plans to release 100,000,000 IMVs immediately after the sale with a hard cap of US$20million.

  • Token Release: ImmVRse tokens will be released in one or more exchanges upon the successful completion of the ICO. Some exchanges may be confirmed prior to the ICO, however, the official date from which tokens will be transferrable, will be announced after the ICO.

  • Team Expansion: 3 months after the ICO launch, ImmVRse will recruit a full DevOps team to initiate the development operation for the full version of the app, in order to prepare for the official launch of the alpha version.
    Marketing Campaign: A crucial part of the plan is positive PR and marketing as the success of the application will heavily depend on the adoption and retention of users. On this basis, we have decided to allocate a certain amount of the raised funds towards the marketing campaign.

  • Office Extension in EU & Asia: A segment of the team will join a vibrant community with local offices in Asia and EU to primarily manage DevOps.
    ImmVRse Alpha Launch: ImmVRse is aiming to launch the alpha version of the app by Q4 2018.

  • ImmVRse Ecosystem Setup: Upon the establishment of ImmVRse Protocol, ImmVRse tokens will be usable within the application ecosystem. Brands and advertisers will be able to purchase ImmVRse tokens to recruit content creators.
    Continued Research and Development: ImmVRse will partner with universities across the country to enable students’ participation in blockchain technology. A part of the process will be to recruit PhD students and dedicated researchers to improve VR/MR/AR technologies based on blockchain platforms.

  • ImmVRse Token DevCon: ImmVRse will organise a global hackathon to gather talented blockchain developers around the world.
    ImmVRse Full Version Launch: The full version of the application will be launched by mid-2019 after extensive testing on the beta version. ImmVRse aims to stick to these target dates and predicts that this will be the optimal time to launch the application, as this will tokencide with the year that Facebook, Intel and Apple will also be launching their own commercial VR headsets. Once this happens, mass adoption will take place, creating an extremely high demand for VR content.


Price in ICO1 IMV = 0.20 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution52% - Retained by ImmVRse
33% - Distributed During ICO
* 60% - ICO
* 20% - pre-ICO
* 20% - Private funding
10% - Team and Advisors
4% - Bounty and Rewards
Hard cap20,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registered Address: London, United Kingdom

Prehistory of project

Team has experience in cloud mining but no history of their VR company were found

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap in whitepaper, app alpha will be launched in 3 months after ICO. At the moment no test apps or websites of ImmVRse were found.

Blockchain experience

Farabi Shayor, Limon Rahman, Adrian Chan and Shahad Choudhury are the core team of and also members of By the way, no other practical experience at ICO of team members and advisory board were found.


Only in-app escrow for users mentioned. No ICO escrow information.


No media articles were found, except listings and calendars


Update: 23.01.2018


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