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Crypto-based insurance platform
InsurePal is a next generation of peer-to-peer insurance based on social proof endorsements, fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation. It aims to become the world’s first insurance service offering trust to members of the crypto community when transacting products and services.



Price in ICO1 IPL = 0.10 USD
ICO start16 Jan 2018
ICO end16 Jan 2018

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InsurePal is a self-regulating, social proof insurance platform based on social proofing and decentralization. To protect the intellectual property behind InsurePal, a worldwide patent has been filed, giving then InsurePal platform a unique opportunity to become “the go to” platform for insurance based on social-proof.

The introduction of social proof as a self-regulating psychological phenomenon allows InsurePal to nurture a scheme of lower-risk individuals, consequently decreasing their premiums by up to 50%, whilst fully harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Having the ability to offer an attractive end-to-end product for an incomparably lower price is our guarantee for success, as well as a proven solution that will attract only the diligent and responsible into our business model.

Every day, the blockchain wave is gathering strength. With more and more concrete initiatives, either alone or in association with their peers, business partners, clients or suppliers, it gives foundations to a birth of a booming new economy in the years to come. The new golden era will begin as soon as the trust between parties doing business on blockchain is established on an adequate level.

InsurePal model improves the segmentation and risk selection process; a decades-lasting issue for insurance companies and insurance clients alike and most importantly, enhances the trust that flows horizontally among peers, friends, colleagues and business partners. The most suitable expression for InsurePal using insurance terminology would be “a third-party deductible”. It is proven that a classic deductible reduces insurance claims frequency due to the clients’ imposed self-evaluation. From this fact InsurePal proceeded when re-inventing an InsurePal third-party deductible into a third-party evaluation with introducing social proof. By doing so, InsurePal managed to objectivize the evaluation process itself.

To customers, the key motivator to use InsurePal is a significant cost reduction. Namely, the core mechanism behind the platform enables InsurePal clients to endorse each other in order to obtain a discount on their insurance premium. The endorsement has to be backed by a financial guarantee from the endorser which is only taken in case the insurer files an at fault claim. The InsurePal platform enables the social proof of an individual to be locked into the blockchain in order to secure higher transparency without aggressively invading privacy. Due to this innovative approach, InsurePal will expand peer-to-peer risk managed operations and become the customer’s first choice, consequently making it available in a wide range of different types of insurance products.

Moreover, with a module for blockchain-made agreements, InsurePal will assure a final compensation to the insured client in case the other party breaches the mutually set arrangement, namely when the agreed service is not performed within the set deadline, quality and other conditions stated in the smart contract. It too will use the basic principle of social proof, meaning that the compensation will partly be covered by the insurance company and partly by the endorsers, putting social pressure on all the signing parties and quickly eliminating those that violate the terms. The embedded seriousness of such an agreement will guarantee the transactions between the parties are being carried out with the utmost responsibility. Significantly better segmentation and incentives to change behavior guarantee a marked reduction in insurance premiums, leading to the insurance to become widely acceptable for the majority of blockchain business transactions.

The growing value of InsurePal social proof insurance will reflect in the increasing market value of InsurePal (hereinafter IPL) tokens. The adaptation of InsurePal policies will trigger a wider circulation and utilisation of the IPL token, with the aim to become the prevailing currency of global social proof insurance economy. It is our belief that other segments of the fiat economy, closely linked to the insurance industry, will consequently start accepting IPL tokens as a currency, serving as an additional boost of an IPL utility token economy.

The total amount of issued IPL tokens will be limited and fixed, with a security mechanism of token split and/or token denomination added to efficiently support expected price growth in the future. We are cognizant that the adoption of the tokens by the mass markets is an evolutionary process, therefore InsurePal will gradually progress to a fully tokenized operation. It is our goal that the IPL utility token becomes the currency of the InsurePal community that will operate as an alternative economy based on a patented social-proof business model. As such, it will noticeably disrupt the $7 trillion worldwide insurance industry of today and significantly improve the blockchain business transactions of tomorrow.

For that, we invite you to get fully acquainted with social proof as the core mechanism behind our business model and learn more about the InsurePal token utilization. We are firmly convinced of the scalability and potential for it to become a first-of-a-kind social proof insurance platform with a global ambition.


Matt Peterman
Co-founder & InsurePal CEO
Tom Volk
Thomas B. Manson
Chief Insurance Officer
Adam Parker
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Gavin Conway
Chief Growth Officer
Matjaz Rakovec
Chief Operation Officer (COO)
Alexander Solomonov
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Kovacic
Chief Compliance Officer
Daniel Bieusz
General Legal Counsel
Maxim Streltses
Chief Financial Officer UK
Charlie Shrem
Business Development Advisor
Peter M. Moricz
Strategy Advisor & Connector for the Blockchain Economy
Damian Arnold
Insurance & Operations Expert
Tomislav Mučič
Senior Blockchain Consultant
Ken Tachibana
Business Development in Aisia Pacific
Corey Cohen
Marketing Specialist
Euan King
Senior Insurance Expert
Aleš Tomažin
Blockchain & Business Development Expert
Andrej Plankar
Blockchain Business Consultant


  • Insurance industry is full of irregularities.
    Founders identify the science of social proof as a solution and invest close to $500.000 to develop the social proof model and web app demo.
    Calibrated mathematical algorithms confirm the model brings from 30% and up to 70% cost reduction.

  • Social proof insurance patent protection is filed in US and worldwide. Founders pitch the idea in Silicon Valley but refuse several million offer to be able to develop InsurePal on their own terms.
    The methodology, viability assessment and a legal review of the project are developed. Blockchain is identified as the missing piece. Several meetings with crypto think-tanks occur. InsurePal core team is assembled.

  • InsurePal enters in partnership with Netis Group and expands the team with several blockchain and IT experts.
    The architectural design of the InsurePal platform and its functionalities begins. Parallelly, the extensive preparations for ICO go about.

  • IPL token crowdsale

  • The development of InsurePal platform core begins. First social proof modules are ready to be used. PR & Marketing campaign launches.
    We obtain MGA insurance license for UK market and start with UK pilot project. Platform is further developed and new social proof modules are integrated, ready to be used by third-parties. Extensive legal and regulatory preparations to obtain the EU passport license begin.

  • Additional functionalities are implemented. Partnerships with interested third-parties are further promoted. Implementation of claims community handling model begins. All InsurePal activities are promoted on a global scale.
    InsurePal platform to become a “to-go” global social proof insurance.


Price in ICO1 IPL = 0.10 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, USD
Tokens Distribution67% - Crowdsale
10% - Founders
6% - InsurePal team
6% - TCS support team
6% - Advisors and ambassadors
3% - Incentives for users and contributors of InsurePal
2% - Early investors in pre-ICO
Soft cap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap18,000,000 USD


Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

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Blockchain experience

Advisors Tomislav Mucic, Andrej Plankar, Igor Zgonc – Advisors at

Advisors Tomislav Mucic, Andrej Plankar, Tanja Bivic – Advisors at

Advisor Ales Tomazin – Advisor at
Advisor at

Advisor Peter Moricz – Advisor at


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Update: 14.01.2018

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