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Blockchain-based reviewing platform is the platform for reviewing on Blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s immutability to produce the best possible transparency and creating conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easily and directly interact with users and providers of products or services totally trustless. Lina is not just a website but it is a Blockchain-based platform so that everyone can build their own review system to develop community and manage their own businesses.



ICO start15 Jan 2018
ICO end15 Feb 2018

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By being implemented on Blockchain technology, will address issues related to transparency and immutability of the score, as well as develop mechanisms to help users and experts earn profits based on system development and the quality of their reviews (via smart contract).

Below are preliminary procedures of the system. Please refer to Section 4 for further technical details and illustrations.

For Merchants

Merchants are the parties providing the products or services who wish them to be reviewed. To join the system, a merchant is required to register with about their fields of business and may have to pay for registration or product listing fee(s) (if applicable; depending on configuration). In case where a fee is required, the fee(s) will be distributed just like the advertising fee.

For Advertisers

Advertisers are businesses or individuals who want to advertise on or other review systems running on the Lina blockchain platform. Naturally, a merchant could be an advertiser - and standalone advertisers are treated as a special merchants on Hereinafter, Advertisers could be also referred to as Merchant. The revenue from advertising will be distributed to the system participants according to the configuration of each system on Lina Platform. The 10% charge for administration and operation of is required.

For Helpers

Experts (hereinafter referred to as Helper) mean those users who are qualified and will review products and services on the system. When viewing products or services, Helpers’ reviews shall be displayed separately. There are 2 options to become a Helper:

  • Sign up with by attaching CV, proof of domain knowledge, personal value, etc. The applicant is only considered as a Helper after being approved by the Helper Board. Please note that in the later stages of the system, when has grown, the approval for being a Helper will be very strict due to the useroriented assessment of the system.
  • Publish lots of quality reviews, which are widely accepted (like/agree). After reaching the specific level, the reviewer will be promoted to Helper. Note that depending on the size of the system that this threshold will also increase accordingly.

The Helper will be entitled to receive a substantial portion of the advertising revenue or registration fee (up to 50%) depending on their fields. The above-mentioned parameter is only applied to, and that of other Lina blockchain based review systems could configure their own incentive and revenue sharing policies.

It is the responsibility of the Helper to monthly submit a certain number of reviews with an acceptable quality (based on factors such as the number of like/agree from users). In case where the Helper fails to satisfy these conditions in two consecutive months (configurable), they will be demoted down to common user.

For Common Users

Common users mean those who are using the system to search the information on products and its reviews as well as write their own review and assessment. Common users can become Helpers through the above-mentioned options. Common users may be distributed system revenue for their review and assessment work, depending on configuration. Specifically, for the system, the common users will not receive system revenue for their review and assessment. With other review systems running on the Lina blockchain platform, the revenue sharing for the user shall depend on each configuration.

For System Builders on the Lina Platform

Individuals or companies wishing to build a review system on the Lina blockchain Platform could easily do this. Participation is free but the Lina Platform will charge based on the activities on the system, namely the participation of merchants, advertising as well as rating activities themselves. When these private systems come into operation, 10% of system revenues (from advertising or merchant participation fees) will be used to administer and operate the Lina Platform.


Greg Kushnir
Vu Truong Ca
Mark Pascall
Technical Advisor
Paul Salisbury
Technical Advisor


  • Research and project development.
    Release of LINA whitepaper.

  • Development of LINA smart contract and the
    launch of LINA token.
    First prototype of will be released
    in the early of Jan 2017
    33,33% of LINA token will be available for sale
    to the public in the Token Generation Event.

  • Focus on development of Lina Core and alpha version for Private Testing
    Security Audit.

  • Focus on development of Lina Core and first public Beta version release.
    User, expert, merchant acquisition and
    marketing campaigns

  • Infrastructure development
    Fully functional and operational Production 1.0 release.

  • The software development will be driven by the market needs and feedbacks.
    Documentation, Example for developer usage.

  • mobile app public release

  • Development of Lina Platform 2.0.


Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution35% - Big Token Holders
35% - Helpers
15% - Lina Foundation
15% - Reserved for Future Stakeholders
Hard cap900,000,000 LINA


Prehistory of project

Greg Kushnir, Mark Pascall and Paul Salisbury are working at the blockchain company

By the way, no prehistory portfolio or any other information were found


Product or its MVP

There are two demo versions (demo and demo2), running on Ethereum Test Net (Rinkeby and Kovan).

Links and more information are showed at

Blockchain experience

Greg Kushnir – Co-founder of
Mark Pascall and Paul Salisbury are Advisors there


Mark Pascall and Paul Salisbury – Co-foundrs of


Paul Salisbury – Industry expert at
Head of Emerging Technologies at


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