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3D and VR creation platform
MARK.SPACE is an open source platform for creation of 3D/VR spaces and objects of any purpose, as well as their quick launch and integration into a unique ecosystem. The platform is maintained by a crypto economy and is powered by the Blockchain



Price in ICO1 MRK = 0.1 USD
preICO start10 Oct 2017
preICO end28 Dec 2017
ICO start23 Jan 2018
ICO end28 Feb 2018

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MARK.SPACE ecosystem

The MARK.SPACE ecosystem is modelled after the real world economy and has similar features. Real world economy deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, where, in well functioning economies, wealth is created and further redistributed. Lets see how a typical economic cycle is implemented in the MARK.SPACE ecosystem.


Content Creation

The MARK.SPACE platform is designed to give users all the tools for VR content creation. The current prototype allows for creation of residential, shared and business VR spaces (offices and malls), filled with preselected or custom elements of furniture, interior design, appliances and multimedia content. In the future, there will be an option to add any user-created digital content like articles, books, paintings and music.

At present, we are developing our own scripting language that is going to make it possible for users to create their own 3D objects and applications. Alternatively, you can already easily virtualize the interior of any existing premises by using a 360° camera and importing it to MARK.SPACE.


Goods and Services Distribution, and Consumption

The MARK.SPACE Shopping area will allow both: the distribution of goods produced in the real world and any content created within the platform. This would include the ability to sell custom elements of furniture and decor created by users (our platform already allows to do this) as well as the entire personal or business spaces purchased earlier. Freelancers will be able to create their own virtual offices for advertising and selling their services. The ability for all users to advertise over common areas (like sidewalks or roads) between buildings and mall interiors will also be implemented. Tokens earned by users could be further used in the value creation cycle.


Distribution of Wealth

Just like with regular real estate, virtual locations will have a long term tendency for appreciation value, due to added 3D details and scarcity of the spaces. Once created, well designed and unique, and filled with quality-content, personal spaces are going to attract many visitors, thus making it a valuable asset from an economics standpoint. A VR store in the MARK.SPACE Shopping district will be transparent, showing its income statement, balance sheet and cash flows, becoming a real asset which can be evaluated using any conventional methods. If there are assets to be sold, businesses like VR real estate agencies could appear, offering their services to the public. With the growing number of users, virtual economies will be flourishing, as demand for MRK tokens used for all transactions on the platform will increase. Users of the MARK.SPACE platform will enjoy the appreciation of both their virtual real estates, as well as the cryptocurrency they hold. The wealth created will be further redistributed.


Distributed Rendering

Enormous computational capacities amassed by cryptocurrency miners are going to serve as a backbone for the new emerging crypto economy. Massive amounts of VR content to be generated in various MARK.SPACE districts will have to be rendered. This provides a great opportunity for yesterday’s miners to get revenue by providing their computational resources for distributed rendering of MARK.SPACE spaces. This is just one of the ways how an internal VR economy extends to real world.


Synergy of Real and Virtual Economies

Products made in the real world will be sold in different stores within the MARK.SPACE Shopping District. Various existing businesses will broaden their presence in the MARK.SPACE Business District. Platform users who have their apartments in MARK.SPACE Residential District will be sharing them via social networks, driving more traffic into all existing MARK.SPACE spaces. New curious visitors will be exploring the areas and entering shopping malls. A painter, for example, would create their gallery (or fully virtualize the existing gallery) in the MARK.SPACE Business District, also attracting users. Virtual and real economies would merge together using the power of synergy to its fullest.


Yana Kontorovich
CEO & Founder, PhD in Economic Sciences. Businesswoman, Investor
Denis Polulyakhov
Managing Partner, IT-entrepreneur with 12 years of experience
Evgeni Malkin
Vladislav Utushkin
Advertiser, Marketer, Analyst, Consultant
Oleg Ershov
Managing Partner, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Organizer of public events
Vladimir Shliapin
CTO, Inventor, IT-developer (25 years), MSc in Mathematics
Alexander Shtankovsky
Head of Developers, IT-developer (27 years), MSc in Mathematics
Kentaro Harada
Ambassador in Japan
Dmitry Shamov
Official representative in Japan
Melissa Yoon Pei Lin
Community leader in Asian region
Dmitry Machikhin
CEO of Midex, Legal Advisor
Siruz Faramarz
Head of VR & 3D Department
Roman Zhuravlev
Head of network engineering
Victor Skrynnikov
Website creator. Lead Ux/Ui Designer
Dmitry Didenko
Executive Producer
Alexandra Golovina
Communications Expert, Content Creator. PhD in Sociology
Boris Baranov
Editor, Localization, Community Manager
Darya Kolessova
Asian Region Community Manager
Andrey Sinyakov
Asian Region Community Manager (China)
Joji Natsui
Asian Region Community Manager (Japan), SMM Manager
Yaroslav Karpov
Asian Region Community Manager, Translator (Japan)
Alexander Melikhov
Interface designer
Daria Churilova
Designer and creator of avatars
Boris Lazarev
Front-end developer
Elena Andreeva
Database, Content manager
Ekaterina Soloveva
Senior lawyer
Maria Moscateli
European region community manager - Italy
David Gutierrez
Latin America region and Spain community manager
Ilya Khokhryakov
Professional photographer of 3D panoramas
Olga Sorokodumova
b2b Partnerships manager
Anton Bugaev
Eric Benz
Managing Director at Cryptopay
Reuben Godfrey
Blockchain Association of Ireland Business Development, Director, Co-founder


  • Idea formation, MARK.SPACE concept development

  • Marketing research, hypotheses confirmation

  • Functional requirements definition, team formation

  • Development of Alpha-version engine

  • Launch and test of Alpha-version (Shopping district only)

  • Launch and test of Beta-version (Shopping district only)

  • Launch Road Show platform for fashion brands

  • Launch E-commerce platform launch with fashion E-commerce proof of concept

  • Launch Alpha-versions for Residential, Business and Community districts

  • Development of concept and roadmap for decentralization of MARK.SPACE platform

  • Selection of blockchain technologies for MARK.SPACE platform

  • Whitepaper announcement

  • Pre-ICO and Constructor launch 7 Development Roadmap 7 ROAD MAP 38

  • ICO (STAGE 1)

  • Start virtual estate / UNIT sale

  • Blockchain implementation

  • Launch Residential district

  • Launch Shopping district

  • ICO (STAGE 2)

  • Launch Business district

  • Distributed rendering

  • MOSL language available to developer

  • Launch Community district

  • Internal advertising network launch


Price in ICO1 MRK = 0.1 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution32,84% - Crowdsale
28,66% - Miner funds
19,5% - Team, Advisors, Angels, Bounty
19% - Cross-sale
Hard cap3,000,000,000 MRK


Legal entity

Team member wrote that registration addresse is:

MARK.SPACE, 140 Paya Lebar Road #10-09 AZ@Paya Lebar Singapore 409015

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Prehistory of project

Roadmap is starting from token sale. No prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

MARK.SPACE have developed 3D VR demo to show platform possibilities.

By the way, cryptocurrency will be implemented only after ICO.


No escrow information


Update: 21.01.2018

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