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Location-based augmented reality mobile game
Mossland is a location-based AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game. You can find and check-in to the buildings and properties around you. Enjoy the game and get a chance to own Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge and more!



TokenMoss Coin / MOC
Price in ICO1 MOC = 0.0001 ETH
CountrySouth Korea
preICO start29 Jan 2018
preICO end11 Feb 2018
ICO start19 Feb 2018
ICO end18 Mar 2018

  • TEAM

“Mossland” is a location-based Augmented Reality(AR) mobile game based on real estate.
Users can identify real properties in vicinity, acquire and trade them in the game. Virtual properties in the game can be tradable and liquified through cryptocurrency exchange, so users will put time and effort to increase the value of their properties.
Augmented Reality Virtual property value in the game is proportionate to the number of check-ins in the properties and the owners will install “Accessory”, AR objects in attachment to the virtual properties, which is the most effective way to draw attentions from the other users. Accessory will not only make the virtual properties visually attractive but also provide in-game benefits to the users, which would increase the number of visitors.
As more people join the game, more properties would be installed with various AR Accessories. It would be visually attractive to see how the familiar cities’ landscape changes their images with exotic AR visuals, which would be a great marketing point for this game.
Properties and Accessories of the Mossland can be traded between users through in-game auction system. Such transactions between the users can be done by using “Moss”, which is an in-game currency matched with “Moss Coin”, acryptocurrency secured by blockchain technology. Moss Coin is expected to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges, providing liquidity to the users who have made transactions with Properties and Accessories.
Mossland creates a new advertising platform based on the convergence of real location-based games with AR technology. Any users of Mossland can create and run advertisement campaign through a simple interface after setting an ad budget using Moss. Advertisement fee will be collected by the operation company and the remainder will be used to incentivize users who have visited the real properties. Since Mossland is a location-based game, its ads will be exposed to the users in vicinity of the real properties, resulting higher probability for the users to visit or make any purchase. AR Accessories will not only add fun experience to the users in the game but also provide tangible value which
would be accepted positively and welcomed by the users.


Wooram Son
CEO, Co-Founder
Chester Roh
CSO, Co-Founder
Minuk Kim
CTO, Co-Founder
Yongjun Hong
CFO, Co-Founder
Sean Oh
COO, Co-Founder
Don Lim
VP of Business Development
Jeffrey Lim
Startup Advisor
Charles Rim
M&A Advisor
John Chang
Investment Advisor
Tim Chae
Venture Capital Advisor
Sunkwan Kim
Art Design Advisor
Peter Van Dyke
AR UX & Design Advisor
Baolong Zhang
CG Advisor
Youngwoon Cha
Graphics & VR/AR Advisor
Wonchai Lee
Monetization Advisor
Min Pyo Hong
Security Advisor
Changsu Lee
Artificial Intelligence Advisor
Widjaja Tannady
Real Estate Advisor
Ilya Mikov
Cryptocurrency Gaming Advisor
Jason Han
Blockchain Advisor


  • Pre ICO
    Main ICO

  • List Moss Coin on Exchange

  • Prototype Building

  • Alpha Build

  • Closed Beta Test

  • Soft Launch

  • Global Launch
    Landmark Presale


Price in ICO1 MOC = 0.0001 ETH
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution45% - Main ICO
15% - Reserve
15% - Initial IAP
15% - Team
5% - Pre ICO
5% - Advisor
Hard cap25,000,000 MOC


Legal entity

No response from the team on all communication channels.
Legal entity was not found.

Prehistory of project

Project was created by Reality Reflection Team.
Reality Reflection is a VC backed Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality startup specialized in digital human character and game development. Founded in 2015, there are 18 professionals with the background of VR and AR technology, game design and marketing working on Mossland project.

Product or its MVP
According to the roadmap first CBT (closed beta test) of “Mossland” mobile game are planned for the 1Q 2019.

No real MVP were found.

Blockchain experience

Ilya Mikov – Cryptocurrency Gaming Advisor – Successfully raised an ICO round for its mobile MMORPG Lordmancer II

Louis Jinhwa Kim – Co-founder/Director at Korbit Inc.
The author of the first bitcoin book in Korea, ‘Next Money Bitcoin’( On Korean 다음 머니 비트 코인 책) (2013) and the co-founder of Korbit. He is also working as an evangelist, introducing bitcoins and blockchain technology to the Korean society.


No escrow information were found.


Updated 09.02.2018

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