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Crypto asset manager
NaPoleonX ambitions to become the 1st algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. The value proposal is underpinned by long standing performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets. NaPoleonX will benefit from a large range of existing trading systems developed by an experienced team in financial markets



Price in ICO1 ETH = 1000 NPX
ICO start22 Jan 2018
ICO end28 Feb 2018

  • TEAM

NaPoleonX will be the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager. The project is founded by ex-multibillions asset managers in Tier 1 banks, who have already designed, created and traded performing trading bots for the past 15 years.
The NaPoleonX smartcontract will be deployed by Napoleon Crypto SAS, a French company. This company will hold or benefit from the intellectual property over the trading bots for the first 10 DAFs that are proposed in this project. This intellectual property will be shared with NPX token holders according to two modalities: the diffusion of trading signals used by the DAFs and a revenue share over the DAFs bots’ rental fees.
Napoleon Crypto SAS or a fully owned subsidiary may apply for an asset management license in a EU country as soon as the ICO has been completed. At this stage, France and Luxembourg are strongly considered as potential candidates as both Stéphane Ifrah and Jean-Charles Dudek have managed French and Luxembourg funds during their previous job at BNP Paribas Asset Management and Natixis Asset Management.
As of today, more than 20 performing trading bots are available. A first batch of 10 DAFs will be launched at predefined conditions and only based on Napoleon Crypto intellectual property. After that, a negotiation will be set up between NPX token holders, Napoleon Crypto and potential external strategy provider for each new DAF.


  • First batch of quantitative models (for personal use)

  • JC. Dudek and S. Ifrah managed > 4b€ at BNPP AM

  • Major upgrades of initial quantitative models batch

  • Launch of a second major batch of quantitative models

  • A. Dartois and S. Ifrah met at Ecole Polytechnique ("X") for the Data Science Executive Program

  • Iniatial NaPoleonX discussion between A. Dartois, JC. Dudek and S. Ifrah
    The DAO project
    Extension of the DAO concept to formalize DAF
    Release of initial NaPoleonX Whitepaper and Goldpaper

  • New trading bot on BTC/USD (market timing model)
    NaPoleonX team joins Ecole Polytechnique accelerator program
    NaPoleonX team joins the StationF through Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées incubator in July
    Release of NapoleonX BlackPaper in July
    Update of WhitePaper in September
    Launch of Index Publisher Beta version in September
    Update of WhitePaper in October
    Release of beta version of voting system


Price in ICO1 ETH = 1000 NPX
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC and EUR
Tokens Distribution70% - ICO Contributors
15% - Founders Share
13% - Advisors / miscellaneous
2% - Social Bounty
Soft cap40,000 ETH
Hard cap60,000 ETH


Legal entity

Napoleon Capital (same team Stéphane Ifrah, Arnaud Dartois, Jean-Charles Dudek)

Registered Address: Palaiseau, France

Prehistory of project

Napoleon Capital was created in 2017 and has no information about their projects intead of NaPoleonX.

Ifrah, Dartois and Dudek are working together in finance sphere for years but NaPoleonX idea was created in 2016.

No practical history of this project is found.


Product or its MVP

Decentralized Autonomous Funds mechanism is described in

By the way, first DAFs are planned to be launched in 4 months after ICO

Blockchain experience

Stephane Ifrah, Arnaud Dartois and Jean-Charles Dudek – Heads of


Advisor Moe Levin – CEO of
Speaker at
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Advisor Simon Cocking is Editor in Chief at
Also, he is an advisor for lots of ICO:
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Advisor Justin Jovanovic – CEO of


Advisor Hubert de Vauplane – Advisor at


No escrow information


Update: 14.01.2018

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