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Software for neurocontrolling electronics
Neurogress develops the AI-driven software for neurocontrol of electronics and machinery, and, as part of its initial developments, integrates it into prostheses and robots that are controlled by human thoughts. The scope of neurocontrolled devices is infinite, because all the developments are a priori designed to maintain and improve human capabilities



Price in ICO1 NRG = 0.0014318 ETH (1 ETH ≈ 700 NRG)
preICO start10 Feb 2018
preICO end25 Mar 2018
ICO start25 Mar 2018
ICO end10 Feb 2018

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Neurogress (Geneva, Switzerland) develops software for neurocontrolling electronics and machinery.

What is neurocontrol? This is a technologically facilitated process which allows a person to directly manipulate a device using brain waves. Until recently, the ability to control objects using the power of thought was limited to the shape of our body. This is no longer true. A neurocontrol device gives humans the ability to control the world directly using thought. Our thoughts may soon directly translate to action.

The potential uses for neurocontrolled devices are vast. Building on this software platform, Neurogress already integrates its software and mechatronic control into thought controlled prostheses and robots. However, Neurogress ultimately aims to develop an entire ecosystem of neurocontrolled devices based on its software platform.

These emerging devices will be informed by aspirations and design requirements drawn from diverse fields of human endeavor. Software and hardware developers are the starting point, but the
perspectives of designers, artists, technology enthusiasts and philanthropists will all play a part in enriching Neurogress’ vision.
The end goal for Neurogress is not just to encourage developers to bring innovative new neurocontrolled devices to the market, but also to revolutionize how people interact with technology. Through gradually eliminating reliance on cumbersome physical interfaces, Neurogress aims to transform how people bring their creative and intellectual pursuits to fruition.


Konstantin Gorbunov
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksandr Ovcharenko
Chief Technology Officer
Nikita Replyanski
Chief Design Officer
Paola Schultz
Chief Visionary Officer
Julia Loboda
Neuro/AI Architecture Advisor
Nenad Vijatov
Cyber Security Specialist
Ahmet Bilgili
Software Developer
Zakhid Gasymov
Neuro/AI Architecture Advisor
Michail Hinterleitner
Mechatronics Engineering
Iurii Katkov
External Software Developer
Anna Berkovich
Public Relationships
Vitaly Grib
Legal advice
Max Sofiiskiy
Community Manager
Georges Medawar
Director of Business and Community Development
Karnika E Yashwant
Branding and Marketing
Sohila Zadran
Neuro/AI Architecture Advisor


  • Testing of neurocontrol software on a dummy prosthetic arm
    Statistical data gathering for neuro-control software

  • Testing of neurocontrol beta version software on mini-robots
    Start of development of neurocontrolled prosthetic arm
    Statistical data gathering for neuro-control software

  • Testing of neurocontrol beta version software on conscious movements of minirobots
    Statistical data gathering for neuro-control software based on AI

  • pre-ICO
    Start of robot-android hardware development
    Statistical data gathering for neurocontrol software based on AI

  • Testing of neurocontrol beta version software on 4 movements of a dummy prosthetic arm
    Development of optimal construction of prosthetic arm

  • ICO
    Conducting additional experiments for data gathering to train AI in the neurocontrol software

  • Testing of neurocontrol beta version software on 8 movements

  • Prosthetic arm testing

  • The developers access to the Neurogress API or to the entire code (open source), if the project collects sufficient funds during the TGE phase

  • Testing software on a sample game robots through numerous conscious movements
    Prototype on the neural control for the sex industry

  • Launch of the commercial version of the neurocontrol program

  • Launch of the Neurogress online platform
    Testing neurocontrol software for 28 movements

  • Beta synchronization with phones, tablets, gadgets (IoT)

  • Launch of neurocontrolled prosthetic hands

  • Developers` access to the API to start development with all kind of mechatronic gadgets


Price in ICO1 NRG = 0.0014318 ETH (1 ETH ≈ 700 NRG)
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution50% - ICO
15% - To motivate Neurogress developers and members of the Board
10% - Retained as contingency
10% - To motivate developers in the Neurogress ecosystem and marketplace
10% - Other (blockchain) projects, which are going to be owned by Neurogress
5% - Additional Neurogress neuro-related experiment directions (except the major ones)
Soft cappre-ICO: 1,575 ETH; ICO: 7,000 ETH
Hard cappre-ICO: 15,750 ETH: ICO: 42,152 ETH


Legal entity

Registration Address: British Virgin Islands

Prehistory of project

Neurogress is not an ICO of Blue Brain Project but an authonomous company. No prehistory of activities are found.

Product or its MVP

Intro video shows prosthetic arm working but 50% of tokens will be distributed for further project development

Blockchain experience

Advisor Yaroslav Belkin – Advisor at CMO at NewsBTC
Founder of Belkin Digital Marketing Agency
Director of Cryptography at KEY Difference Media
Advisor at EtherecashZabercoin and AuditChain


Advisor Georges Medawar – Director of Business and Community Development in AuditChain


Advisor Nemanja Nikitovic – Advisor at Auditchain and Arbidex


Advisor Sohila Zadran – Advisor at Lifespeed


No escrow information


Update: 06.02.2018

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