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Crypto-paid broadcasting platform
The OnLive Platform revolutionises both the video broadcast and remote consultations markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralised Peer-to-Peer network. Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth. Smart incentivisation of these contributions guarantees decentralisation and creates a new economy driven by ONL tokens.



Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 ONL = 0.0011 ETH
CountryUnited Kingdom
preICO start22 Jan 2018
preICO end22 Feb 2018
ICO start11 Mar 2018
ICO end11 Apr 2018

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OnLive Network is a live video streaming protocol supported by Blockchain technology. Thanks to blockchain it assures full decentralization, high scalability and open market for uncensored live media broadcasts all over the world.

Thanks to OnLive Network everyone can become a Broadcaster and earns money for presenting valuable content in various business models: Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments, Advertising, Tips / Donations, Subscription Plans, etc.

OnLive solves bunch of problems from the offline world where one needs direct face-to-face contact with a professional to get essential advice. This is often problematic and costly. Access to this type of service should be fast, easy and the unlimited and always of the highest quality, and it is possible thanks to OnLive Network.

In this document, we describe OnLive Network project overview and the roadmap for the future OnLive Network development stages.

Anyone with access to the internet may be a user of the platform: individuals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, teachers, consultants), companies (e.g. law firms, medical and educational centres, insurance companies), large enterprises (e.g. TV stations, advertising networks, event companies).

It is an excellent way for users to quickly – and without leaving home – use the help of numerous professionals or take part in live events taking place all over the world. Viewers will find a lot of interesting content. It is a complementary system, where users are charged only for the actually delivered services.

OnLive.tv is equipped with relevant tools and functionalities to satisfy the needs of both broadcasters and viewers. Two communication paths allow for the creation of public broadcasts, addressed to large groups of viewers, and private, one-on-one consultations. Each of these options enables authors to monetize their activities while delivering high-quality services to users.

The commercial success of Onlive is driven mainly by the steady growth of new Buyers and Sellers. Other Key Performance Indicators of the business are Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), Recurring Cost of Service (RCS) and Customers Lifetime Value (CLTV complete) which could be interpreted as the discounted value per Customer.


Chris Rybka
Anna Rybka
Simon Polok
Code & Development
Paweł Josiek
Supervisor iOs, Android and Front-end team
Igor Farafanow
UX expert, Supervisor User experience team
Adam Ochmański
Supervisor of the Team of Administrators
Chris Janik
Controlling and Finances
Wiktor Żołnowski
Blockchain expert, Supervisor user Blockchain team
Kuba Stefański
Blockchain expert, Lead blockchain developer
Paweł Maciszewski
Software development manager
Michał Jasiński
Legal counsel
Tim Luft
Computer games, Adv. manufacturing, Automotive supply chain, Digital
Mark Shaw
ICT, Aerospace, Satellite applications defence, Security


  • Project start. Refresh the idea from 2009 when there was no technology and technical infrastructure to implement the concept.

  • Technology tests for video transmission one to many. Signing of contracts to start work on „RILLS engine” design. Securing onlive.tv domain and other extensions.MineMindCompany.

  • Development of a functional web application. Development of the first version of the Rills engine and its tests in the game andshowup.tv site.

  • Development of a payment system Tokens within a system based on blockchain technology. Signing of agreements on the use of electronic money based on blockchain technology. Presentation of the project to investors duringWebsummitand sign letters of intent.Carrying out a charity live auction,international with Hatima.pl and Omenna.pl, Liveauctioneers.com, MineMind…

  • Beta Version WEB. StartOnLive LTD UKand cooperate with UKTI / DIT (UK Trade & Investment) . Acquiring capital for project development and start redesign services.

  • Getting started work on iOS and Android mobile applications. Developing the OnLive API. Redesign of the site. UK and US market analysis. Find local partners, coders and local growth hackers. Carry out an audit of ux and introduction of process optimization in the project.

  • Joining the GEP program (Global Entrepreneur Program). On.Live selected as one of the most promising projects from Central Eastern Europe. Transfer of headquarter from London toBirmingham, West Midlands of England.

  • Preparation for Pre ICO
    Team recruitment
    Investor Inviting
    Strategy Verification
    Budget Allocation, Team work
    Buy On.Live domain

  • Bulking up marketing and communication activities connected to the platform. Create Team.On.Live Launch of Pre ICO and ICO - Tocken distribution, waiting for registration of tokens on crypto exchanges. Preparation for launching the platform On.Live

  • Launching the platform, recruiting the first critical mass of users / broadcasters in the UK and US. Launching a one-to-one broadcast module (WEB) , PPV, PPM, PPD, PPE Escrow, Smart Contract, ONL Market, Pay.On.Live,Partnerships.ONL token is an integral element of the OnLive Platform. It is used as a fee currency of broadcasts and it is the only payment option.

  • Launch one to many broadcasts (WEB), public broadcasts (centralized version), all Pay models.Looking for Transoding partners all over the world

  • Generic widening of activity into new sectors increases the number of users / broadcasters, setting up additional language versions. Setting up the version of mobile version (IOS and Android) of the application for one-to-one module. Real time Smart Contract, ESCROW, Pay.On.Live

  • Decentralized, open one on one a live streaming ecosystem. enable one-to-one transmission and build any onlive-based application. Decentralized, open one on one a live streaming ecosystem. enable one-to-one transmission and build any onlive-based application

  • OnLive one to many public broadcasts, code open for everyone. Allow any broadcaster to send a live video into the network, transcoded into various formats and bitrates and sell it.

  • Full Decentralized Live services and any public broadcastsno censorship.Allow participants to contribute their processing power and bandwidth in service of transcoding and distribution of video, and to be compensated accordingly.


Price in ICOpre-ICO: 1 ONL = 0.0011 ETH
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution55% - ICO
11% - pre-ICO
11% - Onl Wallet (Reserve)
11% - Founders (Lock)
6% - Bounty Marketing
5% - Advisors
1% - Legal Insurance
Hard cappre-ICO: 14,000 ETH; ICO: 100,000 ETH


Legal entity

Registered Address: Bromsgrove, Great Britain


Prehistory of project

Company has another website https://onlive.ltd/

It is said that they have 2 projects: https://onlive.tv/ and http://fit.fit/ but they have no content when clicked


Product or its MVP

Onlive platform is planned to start in May 2018 but no MVP found at the moment

Blockchain experience

Wiktor Żołnowski and Jakub Stefański – Programmers at http://pragmaticcoders.com/team/


No escrow information found


No news about OnLive were found


Update: 25.01.2018


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