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Parking and Booking Service
PARKGENE is a convenient and secure way to find parking, connect drivers, individuals and businesses. Vision is to disrupt the traditional parking industry, sized at $100 Billion annually, and to provide drivers with a better parking experience, while helping cities become smarter and environmentally friendly. GENE token is the currency for the automotive industry, allowing drivers to pay for parking and integrating it with mobility services, vehicles, and automotive infrastructure.



Price in ICO1 GENE = 0.1 USD
ICO start15 Jan 2018
ICO end19 Feb 2018

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PARKGENE enables Drivers to Conveniently and Cost-Effectively Book Parking Spots Directly from Individual Parking Space Owners.

Starting from enabling peer-to-peer Airbnb-like parking services, PARKGENE’s mission is to create an ecosystem which connects the entire automotive industry in a mesh marketplace network that uses GENE tokens as the means of transaction.

Parking in large cities can be a burden on drivers and on the cities themselves. Drivers spend nine minutes on average driving around in circles looking for a parking spot, creating traffic, while one in three drivers fails in securing a convenient spot.

Existing platforms operate as parking industry intermediaries that charge a premium for their services. At the same time, a peer-to-peer parking economy is not fully implemented, because intermediaries remain as arbitrators. Additionally, tax regulations restrict direct payments using fiat currency between individuals.

Using blockchain technology PARKGENE overcomes these roadblocks and allows drivers and parking owners to engage in a smart contract.

PARKGENE’s decentralized technology supplies new untapped parking spots in crowded cities by enabling seamless integration of all competing parking technology solutions offered by the industry, thus creating a functional marketplace.

Building a peer-to-peer parking community through blockchain technology and the use of GENE tokens as a flexible means of payment create an easy, accessible, transparent, cost-effective way for drivers to find parking spaces and for parking space owners to make extra income.

Establishing GENE Tokens as a parking industry means of transaction will attract other relevant industries (car insurance, tolls, automotive services, etc.), to use PARKGENE’s distributed ledger technology and start accepting GENEs for payments.

Leveraging all the advantages of smart contracts, circumventing intermediaries and paperwork, PARKGENE is ready to revolutionize the parking industry.

PARKGENE is an operational fork of PARKGURU, a successful parking booking platform focused on municipality and professional parking spots. The PARKGURU platform is already successful and operational with more than 50,000 users serving Europe and the US. The team consists of more than 30 developers.

PARKGENE has cloned PARKGURU technology to create its own version of peer-to-peer parking booking but has also expanded it by the addition of smart sensors, remote controls and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to make PARKGENE a best-of breed application. Additionally, implementation of cryptocurrency payments and GENE Tokens is already in development and expected to be released within a month from the end of the Token Sale.


Louis Hatzis
Chief Executive Officer
Yannis Ramfos
Chief Operating Officer
John Zarifis
Chief Technolgy Officer - Blockchain Expert
Nikolas Skarlatos
Chief Financial Officer
Tasos Flambouras
Chief of Digital Marketing
George Giaglis
Professor at AUEB; Blockchain/Fintech Research
Brian Subirana
Director in MIT Auto-ID Laboratory - Cryptocurrencies/ blockchain researcher
Shahid Tanvir
Chief Specialist (Advisor to CEO – Smart City, ICT) - Road and Transport Authority of Dubai
Athanasios Kalekos
Managing Partner Odyssey Venture Partners
Manos Chatzopoulos
CEO Parkzen LLC - Astrophysicist Professor at LSU
Russ Meneve
Stand Up Comedian / Technology Enthusiast
Liz Davison
Parking Consultant - Complete Parking Management Consultancy Ltd
Mixalis Marinos
Actor / Economist / Technology Enthusiast
Vangelis Pastas
Quantitative Researcher at Jump Trading LLC
Krishna Karthik
CEO - Day1 Technologies


  • Park Booking Platform has been developed and successfully rolled out commercially in the form of a minimum viable product available as PARKGURU

  • Pre-ICO Closed Round
    2% of the tokens will be distributed during the Pre-ICO Closed Round

  • Token Sale
    Up to 35% of the tokens will be distributed to fund the development of the PARKGENE project and commercial rollout

  • Launch of PARKGENE Beta version
    Although the Beta version is a fully functional product for iOS, Android and Web, we use this phase to collect user feedback to optimize the experience

  • PARKGENE Official release
    Official Launch and Global Advertising campaign. PARKGENE is available in more than 20 languages to address a global audience

  • Community Growth
    We estimate 5 million PARKGENE active users by the end of 2018 and 15 million active users by the end of 2019

  • Global development
    Extending Technology, User Base, Partner ecosystem, ushering in the new era of parking services


Price in ICO1 GENE = 0.1 USD
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution40% - PARKGENE Future Fund
35% - Token Sale
10% - Advisors & Team
10% - Founders
5% - Bounty
Hard cap1,000,000,000 GENE


Prehistory of project

PARKGENE project has an already working business

Product or its MVP

PARKGENE have already developed iOs and Android apps, ready to download and use

Blockchain experience

Louis Hatzis – Author in Daily Fintech

No other blockchain experience were found


It is said on PARKGENE website that tokens are held in escrow but no proof of it were found.

By the way, project was approved and promoted by ICOBox


Update: 04.02.2018

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