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Games streaming platform
Play2Live is blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. We are a trailblazer in merging revolutionary blockchain technology and streaming services. Operating at the overlap of gaming and eSports markets, we deliver customer experience and engagement previously unseen



Price in ICO1 LUC = 0.05 USD
preICO start26 Jan 2018
preICO end6 Feb 2018
ICO start21 Feb 2018
ICO end14 Mar 2018

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Play2Live introduces the brand-new streaming platform for gamers with several functional modules that provide users with a completely new level of virtual interaction. Diversified functionality of Play2Live platform is a significant advantage for the developing markets it operates in.
Play2Live platform is a great investment opportunity, as we take care of market-specific restrictions and regulations by providing flexible configurations for different markets.

Play2Live team combine years of experience working with such streaming platforms as,,, and Youtube Gaming. Play2Live platform boasts a significantly higher level of interactivity due to the use of blockchain. Our solution changes the rules of the game in the streaming market, giving the opportunity to earn not only for a streamer, but also for a viewer.

The philosophy of Play2Live hinges on the principles of freedom and scaling interaction between viewers and streamers with the aid of blockchain technology. The economic model of the platform is one that empowers streamers and users to determine the type of content, the way it is displayed and, most importantly, its monetization type.

The main functions of Play2Live platform are the implementation and maintenance of technical functionality along with other areas of participation. The interaction of streamers and users is direct and transparent due to the use of blockchain technology. The DPoS consensus algorithm allows this to be implemented in the platform, the application of which is elaborated on in the section devoted to the economic model.

Effectively, all users of the platform incur costs (for example, streamers can purchase promotion in the ratings on the main page, users pay for premium subscription etc.), but at the same time everyone can earn LUC including the viewers.


Alexey Burdyko
CEO & Founder
Peidy Hung
BDD Asia
Orhan Zeynalli
Blockchain CTO
Alexey Kuznetsov
Lead developer streaming core
Can Yang
VP of Global Business development of Imba TV, CBO of Team MVP
David Drake
Managing Partner at LDJ LP Fund Investments, Advisor
Anton Agranovskiy
President at Agranovsky IT
Richard Kastelein
Publisher, Entrepreneur, Tokonomist
Victor Martyn
CEO and Founder, GosuGamers
Reuben Godfrey
Blockchain Association of Ireland Business Development, Director, Co-founder
Pavel Pogodin
Lawyer. Founder of AmBAR


  • Initiation of Play2Live core back-end functionality, front-end layers, and blockchain system development. Setting up a marketing budget for streamers and tournament operators to promote within the platform.

  • Development of authentic features of Play2Live - totalizator, crowdfunding system, a system of interaction between viewers and streamers. MVP release and broadcast of CS:GO World Championship with offline final rounds at the stadium with 15,000 seats capacity.

  • Integration with partner services agreed to cooperate with Play2Live including bookmakers. Setting up a marketing budget for acquiring rights to broadcast top eSports events and negotiating exclusive contracts with the most popular streamers of the well-established games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, PUBGs and others.

  • Integration of external projects in Level Up Chain. Broadcasting Dota 2 tournament on beta version of the platform. Broadcasting showmatches covering well-established games - CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch and others.

  • Focus on regional expansion and attracting top content providers: negotiating exclusive broadcasting contracts with Tier 1 tournament organizers as well as top 10 eSports teams and players to broadcast their content on the platform.

  • Launch of the broadcast of the most popular eSports events. We are determined to cover such events as The International, League of Legends LCS, Overwatch World Cup, CS: GO Major and others. Annual broadcasting of 3 world eSports tournaments covering well-established games.


Price in ICO1 LUC = 0.05 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH and USD
Tokens Distribution62,5% - Crowdsale
11,1% - Reserve fund
10,4% - Founders and project team
7,8% - Partners of the project
7,2% - Advisory board
1% - Bounty campaign
Soft cap3 000 000 USD
Hard cap30 000 000 USD


Legal entity

No registration at Malta legal entity sources

Inactive legal entity at Australia

Prehistory of project

19.07.2017 CEO Alexey Burdyko left previous project to found new one

No prehistory of Play2Live were found

Product or its MVP

Only economic model described.

All development is planned to be done after ICO start.

There is a website demo but it does not have working streams and all links follow to the ICO page


No escrow information


Update: 14.01.2018

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