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REME coin

Up to 100% cashback online and offline marketplace
Simply pay with REME-Coins and receive up to 100 percent cashback on everything you buy – anywhere worldwide. REME-Coins are backed by real value and have a perfect reason to be spent. REME-Coins give you access to the billions big companies make by selling collected user data.



Price in ICO1 REME = 0,40 CHF
preICO start1 Mar 2018
preICO end15 May 2018
ICO start1 Mar 2018
ICO end15 May 2018

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Aims of the REME-Coin

According to our own research, is the first crypto-centric onlineshopping platform with its own coin. Its versatile application possibilitiesare what make the REME-Coin so attractive. As the first cashback and marketplacecoin, the REME-Coin is based on a proven business model and hasvery promising starting conditions to achieve the following goals:

Worldwide Acceptance of the REME-Coin

Thanks to the worldwide acceptance of REME-Coin as a means of payment,you can benefit from the full cashback functionality anywhere by simply paying with it, as soon as all legal requirements and regulatory requirements are met before REME-Coin is implemented.

The REME-Coin is the Number One Payment Method for all Cashback Transactions

All purchases with the REME-Coin are qualified for up to 100 percent cashback.

REME-Coin is the Number One Payment Method for Marketplaces

Another interesting application and thus also a concrete factor for increasing the value of REME-Coins, is its use as a payment method on other marketplaces and platforms. Marketplace operators can only accept funds from customers under certain legal conditions. For this reason, sales commissions will be invoiced separately to the seller. A current development for marketplaces is the fact that payment splitting is carried out by payment providers. However, there is no such solution for cryptographic currencies.
In the area of cryptocurrencies, the REME-Coin would then be the only one that could represent these processes for marketplaces.

The REME-Coin as a Modern Shopping Element in the 2st Century

The three objectives listed above are ambitious, but realistic. The REME-Coin, according to our own research, is the first of its kind and has its finger on the pulse of current times. In this way, the REME-Coin is established as an important and innovative element in the shopping and cashback world, for end customers as well as retailers and advertisers. The REME-Coin should thus become the standard for cashback.

Potential for Increasing the Value of the REME-Coin
The advertising possibilities on will become increasingly interesting for advertisers due to the growing number of users. Therefore, each REME-Coin will have a fixed starting value that is far above the issue price and gains value over time. From the onset, the REME-Coin performance prognosis is promising, because the advertising contacts guaranteed by a REME Coin become more numerous and more valuable.
Innovative forms of advertising (e.g. recommendation ads) can be purchased exclusively with the REME-Coin, which is another one of the many advantages of the REME-Coin.
The increasing acceptance and application possibilities of the REME-Coin for end customers are additional positive motivating factors.
With the increasing number of users, the selection and segmentation options for advertisers will also become more elaborate on


    The idea for an e-commerce platform with up to 100 percent cashback has been evolving since 2014, and one of the first steps was to develop a project plan of this vision. With the project plan in hand, the start-up was founded in December 2015.

    A team of meanwhile 35 employees and freelancers has developed and is fine tuning the last details of the marketplace. International payment provider adyen was selected and integrated into the platform and cashback systems. Agreements were signed with leading international providers in the adtech sector such as OpenX and Adform. At the same time, the expansion of the cooperation with Intershop, Microsoft and azure were accelerated.

    The pre-sale of the REME-Coin presumably starts on the 1st of March, 2018. The pre-sale ends on May 15th 2018, followed by the issue of the REME-Coin on June 14th, 2018.

  • MARKETPLACE PRE-LAUNCH AND REME-COIN ISSUE is planning to pre-launch the marketplace in the second quarter of 2018, opening it up for exclusive user pre-registration (with invite only) and the listing of products.In addition, the REME-Coin will be issued on June 14th, 2018.

    The marketplace MVP is planned for 3rd quarter of 2018. The self-booking platform via Adform will be made accessible to advertisers.

    Part of the cashback is paid out in REME-Coins, and products can be purchased on marketplace with REME-Coins. It is also possible to book advertisements with the REME-Coin. In addition, the legal requirements for the listing and trading of REME-Coin on various renowned stock exchanges will be created, as far as possible. There will be a connection to a marketplace hub and the possibility of automated product adjustment via an API.

  • APP, CRYPTO-WALLET & NEW APPLICATONS will release its own mobile app with a connection to the Ethereum Blockchain, which functions as a crypto-wallet. Once the legal requirements have been created, this app can be used, for example, in offline shops for purchasing. In addition, further acceptance points for the REME-Coin will be created, supported by the creation of the possibility to pay with REME-Coins via credit card: Cashback is paid for further user activities such as writing reviews and recommendation ads.

  • EXPANSION & INTERNATIONALIZATION will be driving the internationalization process forward and will open up additional markets. The focus will be put on targeted offline expansion and the acquisition of additional acceptance points for the REME-Coin. In the wake of this, REME-Coin shall be made available as a payment solution for other marketplaces (including payment splitting). Accordingly, the legal requirements for this are created. The self-booking platform for advertisers, with REME-Coins as payment method, will be released for other shops and marketplaces.


Price in ICO1 REME = 0,40 CHF
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, CHF
Tokens Distribution45% - Development
25% - Support, sales, marketing, concept of internalization
15% - Holder, investor
5% - Operations, lawyers and tax consultants
Hard cap375,000,000 REME


Legal entity GmbH (ID 173712) at

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Product or its MVP

The marketplace launch is planned for July 2018.

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