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Car Title loan market
The project is a decentralized system for issuing loans secured by car titles, based on the tokenization of collateral on the blockchain. We offer investors to increase their capital gains from interest on the loans with, and for borrowers to quickly received the required amount of money. All this without geographical barriers! Our platform is one of the safest in the world — loans are secured by actual property, and transaction safety — by the blockchain.



Price in ICO1 SCASH = 1 USD
preICO start15 Dec 2017
preICO end16 Dec 2017
ICO start5 Feb 2018
ICO end31 Mar 2018

  • TEAM
  • MEDIA is:

  • A collateral based credit platform for the issuance of quick loans secured by vehicle title loans (car title loans) on the basis of technology blockchain.
  • A tool without geographical barriers. It unites Borrowers possessing collateral with Investors all over the world due to the simplicity, speed and transparency of the "movement" of assets in the blockchain.
  • With the help of the SHIFT.cashplatform and the technology of blockchain, investors are given the opportunity to invest precisely the amount for which there is real collateral, and automatically adjust it to a greater or lesser extent. opens opportunities for obtaining quick loans through access to global finance, and as a result, provides the most favorable rates, connecting the participants directly. A well-thought-out interface makes the process of obtaining a loan as simple and straightforward as possible: from the borrower, the user only needs a loan secured by his car through the application or at the office of numerous representatives of the system. The borrower will then receive the money directly to his/her bank account or virtual or bank card.

The company's CEO – Тomas Novak – and his team of partners began developing the platform in early 2015 in Vienna (Austria). Based on extensive experience in the field of loans secured by cars, they created and implemented the first version of the CRM system in the work of local companies. Over the following years, similar systems were introduced in the auto pawnshops of Germany and France.

So, for four years of work in the field of loans secured by cars, they have accumulated colossal experience in this business. The result of the IT component development was the creation of SHIFT.Appraisal, an automated system for assessing collateral (car), based on the aggregation of all market information of each region, its analysis by a uniquely developed algorithm, determination of cost, liquidity terms and recommendations for acceptance as collateral. The application of this software platform allows you to maximize business automation, significantly increase the speed of evaluation and processing of collateral, reducing to an absolute minimum the human factor in this process.


Franz Huber
Blockchain developer
Walter Kern
Backend developer
Jan Rudolf
Frontend developer
Fabio Ricci
Project manager
Giovanni Dilon
PR and Marketing


  • The idea is to create an online platform for the issuance of loans secured by cars.
    An experienced team of developers and specialists in the field of secured lending has been assembled.
    Creation and implementation of the first version of CRM-system in the work of local companies.

  • The introduction of an improved CRM system in the car dealerships of Germany and France.
    Creation of an automated system for assessing collateral car SHIFT.Appraisal.

  • Replenishment team of highly skilled blokchain developers.
    Development of an integrated platform based on blockchain technology.
    Opening of branches for work with partners in the USA, Russia and Argentina.
    Output of the project to ICO.

  • Implementing the blockchain architecture to the system / Development of the blockchain module.
    Preparation of technical infrastructure for launching in the US, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan:
    - Integration of the valuation module with local data aggregators of the car market.
    - Integration of the scoring unit with local official motor vehicle bases.

  • Completing the installation of the system on the blockchain platform.
    Start connecting local partner companies in the target countries.

  • Testing the system of issuing loans and interacting with partners.
    Preparation of technical infrastructure for launch in target markets of the second stage China, India, Southeast Asia:
    - Integration of the valuation module with local automotive data aggregators.
    - Integration of the scoring block with local official vehicle bases.

  • Launching operating activities in target markets of the first stage.

  • Launching operational activities in target markets of the second stage.

  • Achieving a dynamic pool of loans within the system - $9 billion.


Price in ICO1 SCASH = 1 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Tokens Distribution88.5% - Crowdsale
10% - Team
1.5% - Bounty
Hard cap5,778,000 SCASH


Legal entity

It is written that Registered Address of Head Office is: Pfarrkirchnerstraße 21, 4540, Bad Hall, Vienna, Austria

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Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, company had activities in 2015-2017 but no proofs were found

Product or its MVP

According to the roadmap, main development is planned to be done in Q1-Q2 2018. No MVP were found at the moment

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ShiftCash has no advisors. Also, no practical blockchain experience of team found.


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Update: 23.01.2018

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