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Telegram Open Network

Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency
Telegram-TON integration will provide a clear path to cryptocurrencies for millions of people. Telegram Messenger will not only serve as an example of the possibilities offered by integrating with TON, but will also add unique features to the TON platform, leveraging Telegram’s massive user base and developed ecosystem.

Price in ICOInitial: 1 USD = 10 GRAM
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The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain and network project, capable of handling millions of transactions per second if necessary, and both user-friendly and service provider-friendly. We aim for it to be able to host all reasonable applications currently proposed and conceived. One might think about TON as a huge distributed supercomputer, or rather a huge “superserver”, intended to host and provide a variety of services.

The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a combination of the following components:

  • A flexible multi-blockchain platform, capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts, upgradable formal blockchain specifications, multi-cryptocurrency value transfer, support for micropayment channels and off-chain payment networks. TON Blockchain presents some new and unique features, such as the “self-healing” vertical blockchain mechanism and Instant Hypercube Routing, which enable it to be fast, reliable, scalable and self-consistent at the same time.
  • A peer-to-peer network, used for accessing the TON Blockchain, sending transaction candidates, and receiving updates about only those parts of the blockchain a client is interested in (e.g., those related to the client’s accounts and smart contracts), but also able to support arbitrary distributed services, blockchain-related or not.
  • A distributed file storage technology, accessible through TON Network, used by the TON Blockchain to store archive copies of blocks and status data (snapshots), but also available for storing arbitrary files for users or other services running on the platform, with torrent-like access technology.
  • A network proxy/anonymizer layer, similar to the I2P (Invisible Internet Project), used to hide the identity and IP addresses of TON Network nodes if necessary (e.g., nodes committing transactions from accounts with large amounts of cryptocurrency, or high-stake blockchain validator nodes who wish to hide their exact IP address and geographical location as a measure against DDoS attacks).
  • A Kademlia-like distributed hash table, used as a “torrent tracker” for TON Storage, as an “input tunnel locator” for TON Proxy, and as a service locator for TON Services.
  • A platform for arbitrary services, residing in and available through TON Network and TON Proxy, with formalized interfaces enabling browser-like or smartphone application interaction. These formal interfaces and persistent service entry points can be published in the TON Blockchain; actual nodes providing service at any given moment can be looked up through the TON DHT starting from information published in the TON Blockchain. Services may create smart contracts in the TON Blockchain to offer some guarantees to their clients.
  • TON DNS, a service for assigning human-readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services and network nodes.
  • TON Payments, a platform for micropayments, micropayment channels and a micropayment channel network. It can be used for fast off-chain value transfers, and for paying for services powered by TON Services.
  • TON will allow easy integration with third-party messaging and social networking applications, thus making blockchain technologies and distributed services finally available and accessible to ordinary users, rather than just to a handful of early cryptocurrency adopters. We will provide an example of such an integration in another of our projects, the Telegram Messenger.

While the TON Blockchain is the core of the TON project, and the other components might be considered as playing a supportive role for the blockchain, they turn out to have useful and interesting functionality by themselves. Using them, applications on the platform can become much more versatile than if they relied on the TON Blockchain alone.


  • Launch of Telegram Messenger and the Telegram API

  • Launch of the Bot API and Platform

  • Launch of the Payments Platform

  • Start of the development of TON

  • Launch of Telegram External Secure ID

  • Launch of the Minimal Viable Test Network of TON

  • Testing and security audits of TON

  • Deployment of the stable version of TON

  • Launch of Telegram Wallet

  • Creation of TON-based economy in Telegram

  • Launch of TON Services, TON Storage, and TON Proxy


Price in ICOInitial: 1 USD = 10 GRAM
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution52% - Reserves if company
44% - Crowdsale
4% - Developers team
Hard cap5,000,000,000 GRAM



Update: 23.01.2018

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