Creditcoin 3.27/5 (3)

Creditcoin network is composed of fundraisers and lenders. A fundraiser announces its offer to the Creditcoin network, an lender announces its offer to the Creditcoin network, too. When the two offers from a fundraiser and an lender matches, the Creditcoin network connects the two to complete the lending transaction.

Midex 3.75/5 (1)

Midex is Blockchain based Finance Platform approved by Swiss Bankers and Lawyer. They are facilitate safe and reliable connections between cryptocurrency and traditional financial infrastructure. Among Midex top projects is the already working totally licensed cryptocurrency stock exchange.

Saifu 4/5 (1)

We are creating an account that will unite currencies and cryptocurrencies and you’ll be able to store both safely in one place, easily exchange and use crypto in everyday life. Our multi-layered, bank-grade security helps to keep our customers’ money safe. Saifu has a license and is monitored by external regulators. Saifu is fast and easy to use so our customers don’t need any special skills. 1.75/5 (1)

The project is a decentralized system for issuing loans secured by car titles, based on the tokenization of collateral on the blockchain. We offer investors to increase their capital gains from interest on the loans with, and for borrowers to quickly received the required amount of money. All this without geographical barriers! Our platform is one of the safest in the world — loans are secured by actual property, and transaction safety — by the blockchain.

TrakInvest 4/5 (1)

Trakinvest, a virtual social trading platform, currently offers users the ability to share their investment expertise with other members of the network for a fee, (provides “crowdsourced” sentiment, forecasting and prediction tools using innovations in smart contracts, machine learning, NLP and artificial intelligence, and and digital certification programs in online trading.

Mira 3.25/5 (1)

Mira is an easy and convenient way to buy, store and send cryptocurrency. The team wants to make this process so simple that even the most inexperienced user starts using it in a few minutes. The key element of the service is MiraBox – an encrypted container that store tokens or files. Now any user can buy and save cryptocurrency, it will become as simple as downloading and sending a file. Never before has the use of cryptocurrency been so easy.