Dawei Ding


10 years of experience in development and implementations. Dawei has been project manager of blockchain government and enterprise division at Jiangsu Hoperun and head of blockchain business division at Jiangsu Rongzer. Accomplished the standards setting and interface designing for 1600 municipal level government affairs in Nanjing Blockchain-Government affair project. Graduated from Shandong Technology and Business University.

Dawei is responsible for the implementation and deployment of the Project. His major achievements are as follows:

  • Team leader, was in charge of the implementation and cost and quality control management of the WebService, SNS, front-end, search, payment and other key technical segments in projects such as Jiangsu Telecom Best Tone, Jiangsu Telecom E-Card, Pizza Hut Just-in-Time, Kweichou Moutai E-Business, Royal Caribbean’s Chinese official website, Changzhou People’s Bank of China – serial number, and Nanjing Blockchain-Government affairs, etc.

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