Hening Zhang


Hening was blockchain product director at Suzhou Laizhe, GeneralManager (Big Data) of Mocenter, Product Director (BPM) atGreatsea, and Product Director (DSP) at Yesky. He designed theunderlying technical products of RBC (Rongzer Blockchain)

consortium blockchain, as well as the application of the Nanjingblockchain inclusive finance platform and Shanghai BlockchainEnergy Micro-Network Platform. He also provided business andmarket consultation to IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Agricultural Bank ofChina, Bank of China, etc.

As the head of the product team, Hening is responsible for theprototype framework design of DMI products and KYC modeling formulti IDV scenes. His major achievements are as follows:

  • Team leader, designed blockchain products that supports highconcurrency transactions, and at the same time well protectedusers’ privacy and data security.

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    THEKEY Project Team is now dev..

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